The PF in Chililabombwe has suspended its Deputy Mayor Gift Musukwa for refusing to be loyal to area member of Parliament Richard Musukwa.

But Gift, who is Mumba ward Councillor in Chililabombwe, has pledged his loyalty to the party and “not an individual Member of Parliament”.

Before being served with a suspension, Gift was asked to exculpate himself and he vowed to remain a loyal member of the PF and not to show loyalty to individuals, including members of Parliament.

And according to a suspension letter signed by Chililabombwe PF Constituency Chairman Thomas Kabanda, the party felt Gift was not remorseful.

“Following your letter dated 15 November 2019 in which you exculpated yourself in the said allegations by the constituency. We as constituency committee still feel to say, you are not remorseful in your exculpation. You still maintained your words to say you are only loyal to the party and not to Hon. Member of Central. If one us not loyal to the area MP adopted by the President. The MP is PF and was adopted by the PF party so every meaningful member more especially you being the Deputy mayor has to be loyal to the incumbent MP. Henceforth, as a constituency committee we have decided to suspend you as councillor for three months effective Monday 25 November 2019,” wrote Kabanda.