Prime Television Limited and its managing director Gerald Shawa have sued its former part-time employee Kaseba Kasebamshila in the Lusaka High Court, seeking damages for defamation for accusing them of being greedy, unprofessional and selfish.

They have stated that Kasebamshila’s defamatory words were understood to mean that they are unethical and unprofessional as they could arm twist the Patriotic Front party by unfavorable broadcasting.

The plaintiffs further state that Kasebamshila published the defamatory words on his Facebook page for purpose of earning public sympathy over the alleged monies owed to him, to the detriment of the company’s reputation and material losses they would suffer in the television business.

Shawa and the television station are now seeking an order of injunction to restrain Kasebamshila by himself, his agents and servants from repeating or further publication of defamatory statements against them.

They also want exemplary and aggravated damages for defamation, an order of retraction of the defamatory statements and public apology, as well as, costs and interest on the sums found due.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court principal registry December 4, Shawa stated that he was a Christian, a father, husband and had held different positions in different business entities and other various organisations such as ZNBC, Hickey Studio and Radio Phoenix Zambia, among others.

They stated that on November 26, this year, Kasebamshila in airing his grievance on certain disputed amounts of money that Prime television owes him, went out of his way in contumelious disregard of the plaintiffs’ reputation and professional standing.

The plaintiffs stated that Kasebamshila caused to be published on his Facebook page, some defamatory words.

They stated that Kasebamshila alleged, among other things, that Prime Television and Shawa’s insecurity, greed, selfishness and intolerance were worse than PF and EL.

Shawa and Prime television stated that the said words were understood to refer to them.

They stated that in their natural and ordinary meaning, the words complained of meant and were understood to mean that the plaintiffs had no regard for human rights and freedoms, were insecure, greedy, selfish, intolerant and were unethical and unprofessional as they could arm twist the PF by unfavorable broadcasting.

Shawa and Prime television stated that they would aver at trial that they risk losing credibility and clients in television broadcasting business as the said business thrives the perception of professionalism and integrity by the public.

They lamented that the defamatory words had subjected them to public odium, scandal, social hatred.

The plaintiffs stated that due to Kasebamshila’s defamatory words and statements, they were likely to be shunned or avoided by their clients or potential clients in the legal profession.

They further stated that they had suffered loss and damage as a result of the said malicious publication and falsehood and defamatory statements against them.

The plaintiffs added that unless restrained by an injunction, Kasebamshila would continue to utter the malicious, falsehood and defamatory statements against them.