Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji says government has no problem with the American government saying the recent difference is being dealt with through the normal diplomatic channels.

Responding to a question for oral answer, Thursday, Malanji assured the House that all members of the diplomatic call accredited to Zambia remained protected by the state saying intended attacks on the American Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote were rumors.

“Regarding the issue of the United States of America Ambassador to Zambia, I wish to mention that Ambassador Foote enjoys diplomatic immunity and as such, he is not subject to discussion in this House. However, I wish to assure the House that Ministry of Foreign Affairs is dealing with the matter through the normal diplomatic channels. Allow me also, Madam Speaker, to re-affirm that all members of the diplomatic call, Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to Zambia will not be compromised so allow me to confirm that the rumor of the intended attacks on the US Ambassador remains a rumor because the Ambassador will remain protected by the state,” Malanji said.

When Mazabuka Central UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo wanted to know if Malanji was still angry and railed by comments made by Ambassador Foote regarding the 15-year jail sentence slapped on a gay couple, Malanji said the day Zambia will have a problem with the US government, he’ll be the first to inform the House.

“The other matters relating to the court, we all know that the Zambian Judiciary is very independent from the Executive. I already said that matters relating to Ambassador Foote are being discussed through diplomatic channels. If Zambia had reached a conundrum situation with the American government, I would be the first person to come and do a presentation to this House,” responded Malanji.