The University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers’ Union (UNZALARU) has resolved to stop processing examinations until the November salaries are paid.

UNZALARU has also resolved to gather at the Senate Chamber on the 6th day of every month in 2020 whenever salaries delay.

In a memo, Tuesday, UNZALARU publicity secretary Moffat Moyo informed members about the resolutions of a meeting held on Monday.

“At its meeting of 9 December 2019 in the New Education Lecture Theatre, the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers’ Union (UNZALARU) resolved as follows: 1. Processing Examinations. With immediate effect, no member of the Union will be involved in processing examinations until the November 2019 salaries have been paid. This means that no member of the Union should call for or attend any meeting in relation to examinations until payment of salaries. 2. Gratuity/Pension Advances. The criteria used by Management to approve advances towards gratuities should be availed to members and further, a committee formed that should have Union representation. This is to ensure fairness and objectivity in the administration of funds and also reduce possibilities of abuse of the facility,” read the memo.

“3. Protests against Delayed Salaries. With effect from January 2020, all members will be gathering in the Senate Chamber every 6th day of the month if salaries of the previous month will not have been paid by then. This will be in order to protest against delayed payment of salaries. 4. Workload Policy. It was noted that the Workload Policy had been approved without the input of academic staff and members rejected the policy especially considering that it was at variance with the collective agreement which can only be amended in a Bargaining Unit.”

Moyo asked all members to adhere to the resolutions without fail.

“5. Negotiations. It was observed that negotiations had stalled because the Management bargaining team had derailed negotiations by forcing the negotiations to take into account harmonisation which had been rejected not only by Unions but also by the Ministry through the meeting that was held with the Minister of Higher Education on 30 October 2019. For this reason, harmonisation has been completely rejected. All members are strongly advised to adhere to these resolutions without fail,” read the memo.