PF secretary general Davies Mwila says district officials in Luwingu and Luposhi should organize National Registration Cards for people so that the number of voters in that region can match those in Southern Province in 2021.

And Mwila says only a stupid businessman can be insulting government because when his businesses are closed, he and his children suffer alone.

Speaking when he met Luwingu and Lupososhi district officials, Monday, Mwila said it was embarrassing that it took three provinces to ‘defeat’ Southern Province.

“Issue yama reg muyi taking’e very serious. Yalya ama numbers nachilaumfwa ati 11,000 muno? 45,000 mwa chief Mibenge eyo tubikilemo, ama card bapele. Tekweba ati with the help of the MP, ba mwamba beka? Leaders must come on board organize people and get NRCs. Nga twapoka ama NRC ayengi, vote ika twangikila because kubula fye Eastern na Southern Province mwaichita pair number of voters yaba bamo bene. But why should we get these provinces ukuya chimfya Southern, that is an embarrassment. Nakulalanda chimo chine pantu tatuleposako amano. (You should take the issue of getting NRCs very seriously. Those figures you were mentioning that you got 11,000 here? In Chief Mibenge’s area 45,000 cards were given. Don’t wait for the MP. When we get a lot of NRCs, it will be easy for us. If you pair Eastern and Southern Provinces, the number of voters should cross each other out! Why should it take us three provinces to defeat Southern Province? That is an embarrassment! I will be saying the same things over again because you are not serious),” Mwila said.

And Mwila asked party officials to make sacrifices for the party, instead of waiting for members of parliament to give them money all the time.

“In 2003 [and] 2004, people used to walk long distances with no money and no food but we formed government. But for you to come here, you say ‘if there is no transport mopey, we won’t go there’. You want the member of parliament to cater for all of you? I was an MP for 10 years, even this road you are seeing here we built it. You have to sacrifice for the party, For you council chairperson, you shouldn’t only show up when the MP shows up,” Mwila said.

“If I was the MP here, I would have been telling the council chairperson to make their own campaign programs. It is the same with judgment, it doesn’t mean that if the wife was praying then then her husband will automatically go to heaven, it doesn’t work out like that. I saw that you were not performing well at the council level I see everything because I am at the secretariat. You saw how we beat the UPND, we had 4,400 votes and they had 1,100 the ratio was I to 4 but here the ratio is starting to be 1 to 2. It is not good for the party. You saw the votes in Chitambo, during the general elections they won’t make it.”

Meanwhile, Mwila said only a stupid businessman can be insulting government.

“You have an excuse ine efyo naishiba government eyileta development takwaba opposition ukuleta development. Chimo na business man ulechita business elo uletuka ubuteko. Business bakesala ukachulilamo ninani? Ukashale ne chinwa chobe chapwa. Elo ulenda ati abana balelala insala, kanwa! (What I know is that government is the one that brings development and not the opposition. It is the same with the business man, how can you want to do business and you are insulting government? They will close it down! Who will end up suffering? And you say ‘my children are sleeping hungry, it is your mouth causing that),” said Mwila.