PF Lusaka Province interim secretary Kennedy Kamba says it is disheartening that some individuals have gone to an extent of fabricating stories to tarnish and bring down the integrity of President Edgar Lungu, by alleging that the Head of State is involved in the smuggling of Mukula logs.

In a statement, Thursday, Kamba stated that in demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt his commitment to fighting corruption, President Lungu banned the trade of Mukula logs.

“We have been compelled to speak out against the seemingly well organised crusade to tarnish the image of President Edgar Lungu and his government by some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and some opposition leaders that are busy spreading lies that our Head of State is corrupt. It is disheartening that some individuals and some organisations masquerading as whistle blowers of corruption, have gone to an extent of fabricating stories and spreading them across the media both locally and internationally, all in their effort to tarnish and bring down the integrity of President Edgar Lungu and the PF government,” read the statement.

“It is deeply saddening and very provocative for anybody to fabricate and circulate stories and claim that President Lungu, his daughter Tasila, Justice Minister Given Lubinda, Lands Minister Jean Kapata and Chief Kafula Musungu II are involved in the smuggling of Mukula logs. We believe that right-thinking members of the public will reject this kind of international propaganda aimed at ridiculing the presidency with falsehoods. These unfounded allegations must be rejected with the contempt and impunity (sic) they deserve. President Lungu has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt, his commitment to fighting corruption and has actually banned trade in Mukula logs all in an effort to protect the endangered species and the environment by discouraging deforestation. It is therefore outrageous for anybody to stand up and accuse President Lungu of such illegalities,”

Kamba called on Zambians to protect the President from falsehoods because he had refused to compromise the country’s values to suit foreign concepts.

“As a party we believe it’s up to the Zambians to protect the president from such falsehoods because it is more than what meets the eye. We will not keep quiet and watch the president dragged into ridicule because he has refused to compromise the country’s values, its ideals and the constitution to suit foreign concepts and way of life. We will not legitimise lies and fabrications against President Lungu. Anybody can tell that these machinations are aimed at trying to paint the President black in the minds of the Zambians ahead of the 2021 elections,” stated Kamba

“These manoeuvres will not be tolerated. Zambia has enjoyed peace we are working as a collective to stabilise the economy. We are working together to entrench our democracy and good governance. Therefore, we should not allow foreign particles or enemies of progress to distract and destroy the ideals and values we have set ourselves to enhance national prosperity. We will protect the presidency because this is not only about protecting President Lungu but the integrity of the office he holds and we must set a good precedence by not allowing anybody or any grouping to bring it under siege for their own selfish interests.”