Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Plc provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu says the mining company intends to employ over 100 operators in processing plants at its Nchanga Business Unit in Chingola.

In a statement, Monday, Milingo stated that KCM had already conducted interviews with prospective employees due to be deployed at the processing plants in Chingola.

“KCM informs that the company has conducted employment interviews with an intention to employ over 100 operators in the processing plants at Nchanga Business Unit in Chingola. The company has taken a step to migrate 101 people from fixed-term contract workers to permanent and pensionable employment at the Tailings Leach Plant (TLP) and Nchanga Concentrators in Chingola as part of reorganization currently taking place to improve operations. The current conversion of contract workers to permanent employees follows another recruitment conducted in October, 2019, when 64 contract workers were converted to full-time employees, specifically for the Konkola Deep Underground Mine dewatering works,” announced Milingo.

“The new entrants on the job market will replace most of employees who have retired or left the company for other reasons in the last few months. Since the announcement of the liquidation on May 21, 2019, the Provisional Liquidator and the KCM management have placed higher on the priority list the employment of new job entrants in order to empower Zambians with employment, whenever there are employment vacancies. KCM has set its eyes on rejuvenating the company to ensure it continues to occupy its place as a major industry player and make a significant contribution to the growth of the mining sector and the economy of Zambia.”