Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says having one party state is better than having an opposition that has nothing to bring to the table.

Speaking on the Hot FM’s Hot Seat program, Thursday, Lusambo said he is a democrat who believes a one party state is better.

“I don’t know why the opposition exist if we were to bring newspapers today and see what the opposition are saying, no alternatives to whatever things we are doing. They are just name calling. Bring a lot newspapers, what the opposition are saying, there won’t be any sensible thing that we will see. I don’t know why they exist. Even one party state was better, because one party state, we will talk about development,” Lusambo said.

“I am a democrat, even [in a] one party state, you can be a democrat. What is democracy if you can’t achieve what you want to achieve? What is democracy if you are not achieving what you want to achieve? You want to build a school for the people of Zambia, we take to Parliament, it is shot down. We want to build a bridge where people will be passing, to take it to Parliament, it is shot down. This same democracy is supposed to be guided.”

He said the opposition was failing to provide solutions.

“Recently the UPND, they had card renewal in Chilanga we did not refuse them. We can’t stay in a country which is based on politics all the time. Every time, it’s politics, now where is time to work going to come from? We should have a time for politics and a time for development. Now everyday its politics, now time for work will come from where? What we are saying is that those who want to be doing politics everyday, they should know that this time is for working,” he added.

“And the opposition it’s not just about opposing. Opposition you are an alternative government in waiting. You need to give an alternative solution to the things that are not going good to the government, so that people know. Ba [Levy] Mwanawasa, may his soul rest in peace he called ba [Michael] Sata to State House, one of the things Sata identified were problems, ‘no in Kalingalinga there is no water’, government then works on it. That is the work of the opposition, then you are giving checks and balances to government.”

And Lusambo said the high cost of living had no affected the PF’s popularity.

“You can’t say that the high prices of mealie meal, fuel is reducing the popularity of our beloved party. In the UNIP government, we had a problem with mealie meal shortages, not high prices of mealie meal. Today, you go from Eastern Province to Chavuma we have plenty of mealie meal in the shops. The picture of UNIP and PF are totally different. 2021 is coming, I can assure that the most popular President in this country is His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu because he has no competitor. Whether elections were called today, President Edgar Lungu would scoop the day. We don’t get scared with this gay party, no no,” said Lusambo.