President Edgar Lungu says PF and government officials should not sit “ndwii” while some people go around the country lying to Zambians about the contents of Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 and climate change.

And President Lungu says he will not hesitate to fire or retire anyone who doesn’t listen to him because he is tired of tolerating nonsense.

Speaking upon arrival in Mongu where he is on a two-day working visit, the Head of State expressed frustration that government and PF officials were too quiet while some people were lying to Zambians.

“Let me ask you my colleagues in government, those of you who are working with me in the government of the Republic of Zambia and those who are working with me in the political party I lead to tell people what we are doing as government and as a political party, you are too quiet! Don’t allow people to tell lies and you are there ndwiii [sitting idle], go to the radio station and answer!” President Lungu exclaimed.

“Tell them what we are doing. If the radio stations ask you for money, ask for money and pay so that you go and tell the truth because the truth shall set you free. People are telling lies about climate change, they are saying it is PF which has brought about too much rain, it is PF which has brought drought, you are letting them get away with it, no! Don’t allow that! People are telling lies about amendment bill number 10 of the constitution and you are quiet, you are letting them lie to the people, go and tell them what amendment bill number 10 entails!”

He said government and the party would look for resources to assist those who were going to embark on a truth-telling campaign.

“I want to assure you that as government, or as a political party, we will look for resources so that you talk and you talk the truth, we will support you with resources. We are tired of buhata, buhata, buhata (lies) where people even sit in the night and plan that what lies are we going to tell to the people tomorrow? Are you going to allow them to continue like that as if you have no mouths? You have got mouths, you have got media, use the media to redeem yourselves by telling the truth,” he said.

“Why we have a shortage of maize, you can explain, in some areas we have got very little rain or any rain at all, in some areas we have floods. When you explain, people will know that it is not what they (critics) are saying. And if people ask you, what has PF done? Begin explaining, tell them who brought the Mongu Kalabo road, how much did it cost to do the Mongu Kalabo road? The township roads in Mongu, who did them? Just explain without insulting them but tell the truth so that the truth sets you free.”

And President Lungu warned that he would not hesitate to fire government officials who did not heed to his directive of ignoring party lines when distributing relief food.

“Let me emphasise that my responsibility is to ensure that Zambia remains a unitary state under one Zambia one nation so all of us participate in our quest to develop the areas where we live. So those of you who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that victims of floods, those who don’t have food get food, get shelter, remember what I have said here; when you deliver food, make sure you do that to all parts of this area. So whether you are working at the province, or the district, remember what I have said, you are not going to say this one is UPND, this one is PF, this one is MMD because all of you belong to Zambia and I am responsible for you. Hunger knows no political affiliation, tribe or political groupings, hunger is felt by all of us. So if you are a leader and you are working at the province or the district or at the constituency or at ward level, I will not reshuffle you, I will just fire you or retire you,” said President Lungu.

“This is the last time that I will warn those that are privileged to serve with me in government to behave, I will not tolerate nonsense. From now on, it will just be to fire. Whether you are working with me as president of PF or as President of the Republic of Zambia, I am the same Edgar Lungu and I believe in what I say, you are out!”