I still don’t believe that it was Emmanuel Chilubanama who said what we saw on Prime TV about President Edgar Lungu, maybe it was his twin brother, says PF Lusaka Provincial chairman Paul Moonga.

And Moonga says the PF expects party members with dissenting voices to air them out from behind closed doors.

On Saturday, January 18, Moonga wrote a letter to Chilubanama asking him to exonerate himself before the provincial disciplinary committee for allegedly insinuating that President Lungu is fatigued and should resign.

Chilubanama declined to comment on the summon, saying he had not yet recieved the letter.

And in an interview, Thursday, Moonga said the lower organs have been mounting pressure on his executive to take disciplinary measures against the former State House permanent secretary.

“I want to talk to him as a brother and friend. So, now I have pressure from the junior officers who cannot petition him but are now petitioning my office. I am only doing what those party officials are telling us to do on their behalf. I have no authority also but I have the strength from the party officials. We need to sit him down and hear him and then make a report. So the secretary-general will look at our report. All decisions are done by the central committee from the party. No party organ below the central committee can expel members. The highest we can do ourselves is suspension,” Moonga said.

Asked why the party did not seem to allow divergent views among its members, Moonga said any views about the party leadership were allowed within closed doors.

“Divergent views come from outside [but] within, we advise each other. We must have divergent views within closed doors. As a party, we have got a platform in which to dissect views. I can’t go to the press and start saying that my wife is very useless. Is that the way I should talk to my wife? We quarrel and correct each other but I can’t go out there and start denouncing my wife. These are clubs and that is why I don’t believe [that] it was him who said what we saw. Maybe it was a twin brother. You never know,” Moonga said.

Meanwhile Moonga refuted Chilubanama’s claim that the letter was published on social media before he received it saying it was taken to the former State House permanent secretary’s house and received by his garden boy.

“The letter was taken to his house but I don’t know whether the garden boy didn’t give it to him but this morning (Wednesday) he got it. We sent another copy to his office today but the first copy was given to his house,” said Moonga.