PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is busy inspecting developmental projects, enjoying with his family, going to church and still meeting his Cabinet colleagues because Zambia remains safe and under control, says Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.

Meanwhile, Lusambo has warned media houses siding with “criminals” in the country that they will be picked together with them.

Speaking when he featured on a PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka, Monday, Lusambo argued that the security situation in capital city and country at large remained under control because President Lungu was on top of things.

“About the things which are happening in the country, I want to assure the people of Zambia; I want to assure the residents of Lusaka that we have seen massive development going on in Lusaka. A precedent development, which is going on in Lusaka and the same development we are seeing in other parts of the country. And so, we are not going to allow anyone to instill fear in our people. The security wing is there 24 hours to ensure that our people are safe. The Minister of Home Affairs, comrade Stephen Kampyongo, gave a Ministerial Statement in Parliament and he gave us statistics of the event since it started in Chingola, and this is a scheme; these guys started with burning the market. They wanted to sabotage the government by tampering with electricity (poles) and now they have gone to gassing. But I can assure you that the security wings are not sleeping and President Edgar Lungu is not sleeping and he is reviewing these events as they come and I can assure you that the time to dance for those people is coming and they will dance to the government’s tune!” Lusambo said.

“The President is not going to look at who you are in the society. He will not look at the political affiliation. The President will look at the crime you have committed. So, for me, I want to assure the people of Lusaka that the government of His Excellency, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, is on top of things and he is following the activities in the 10 provinces of this country and that is why he has even allowed the Zambia Army to beef up security, and if you are a Lusaka resident, you know that the security wings are all over in all the compounds and all the towns and all the 10 provinces. So, I can assure you that, Lusaka is not under threat. I can assure you that the President is enjoying, he is inspecting projects in the country; he is going to Church; he is meeting his family and he is meeting his Cabinet and the country is under control.”

Lusambo insisted that the volatile security situation in the country was motivated by the UPND so that they could make the PF government act irresponsibly.

“So, the senior citizen I met in Southern Province, I was very shocked that they told me that there is only one person who wanted to paint the Tongas black, and this is HH. He wants to use the Tonga tribe as his political agenda to go to State House and they told me that I should tell the President (Lungu) they are not with HH. He is just lying! The people are not with him because they cannot afford to divide this nation because of one person called HH. Where was HH during independence? Where was HH in 1991? Where was HH before 2016 elections? That is what they told me. They told me they were happy that I went to Southern Province because they wanted to reaffirm the calls that what is happening in the country is politically motivated and they want to portray that it’s PF, who are doing this…I can assure you that this thing is being motivated by the UPND so that they can make the PF to be irresponsible and that is why HH issued a statement. So, I was putting these things together…that government is responsible for what is happening in the country,” charged Lusambo.

“I want to challenge HH. HH, you know. You know what has been happening in this country and the people of Zambia will not go to bed and forget about this thing. The people of Zambia have only this country and we know that HH has benefited from the privatization of the State Companies and we know that because he doesn’t consider you people as human beings; he looted the finances of this country through the privatization and instead of keeping his money here in Zambia so that his money can be in the people’s hands, he decided to go and keep his money outside Zambia. That is the point to show that HH doesn’t consider you Zambians and he has come back again using stolen money, people’s money, and thinks the people of Zambia will forgive him? The people of Zambia know that HH…if we have 5 crooks in this country, HH is the number one crock in this country and they have now gone to bed with Chishimba Kambwili because they think in the same way! Chishimba Kambwili looted properties on the Copperbelt.”