The Patriotic Front has suspended Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe for gross indiscipline after he refused to line up and greet the First Lady Esther Lungu.

According to the the Disciplinary Committee letter, Kang’ombe, who is also PF Copperbelt Vice provincial Chairman, refused to line up to greet First Lady Esther after he was given a back seat during a Church service in Kitwe.

“During the visit of the First Lady, Kang’ombe was offered a back sit which he refused. He further refused to be recognized despite UCZ Copperbelt Presbytery Bishop Musaba calling him three times. After the Church service, he refused to line up and greet the First Lady. When the First Lady official convoy started off, he pulled away from the convoy and instead drove away,” the letter read in part.

“All the above actions amount to disrespecting the First Lady in public, which was tantamount to gross misconduct and very disrespecting to the Republican President.”

And PF Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda has confirmed Kang’ombe’s suspension at a media briefing in Ndola.

“The Patriotic Front Copperbelt Executive has unanimously decided to uphold the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee, requesting the Central Committee to consider invoking Article 74, clause 30 (vii) as recommended by the provincial disciplinary committee to debar from the position of Provincial Vice Chairman (Christopher Kang’ombe),” Chanda said.

He said it was regrettable that Kang’ombe refused to appear before the Disciplinary Committee.

“In the meantime, Eng Kang’ombe is suspended until further determination of his case. During this period, he is not expected to take part in any PF party activities. In the interest of natural justice, he is hereby given 14 days in which to appeal the provincial executive committee decision to the Secretary General through the PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman,” said Chanda.