PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should start addressing the moral deficit in government as he addresses the nation on Values and Morals this Friday, says All People’s Congress (APC) party president Nason Msoni.

In an interview, Msoni charged that there was moral deficiency and failings among government leaders, which President Lungu ought to highlight in his forthcoming parliamentary address.

“Addressing morals and values by government in essence seriously contradicts the very position and conduct of political leaders, who are currently in government. If we are to preach about morals and values, let us start with addressing those of our colleagues who are in government; that should be the starting point. Without doubt, we have a serious moral deficit and moral failings among our leaders in government and that should be the starting point of address,” Msoni argued.

He, however, added that the Head of State should update the nation on the security situation, which had deteriorated in recent months following the sporadic outbreak of chemical spraying.

“Addressing morals and values is a waste of space at the moment as what is urgent is the question of lawlessness in the country, which undoubtedly has sniffed innocent lives through instant mob injustice. Addressing morals and values now is essentially shooting in the dark and a missed opportunity for the Head of State to reassert his authority. And, yes, morals and values are important, but the urgency for now is to address the nation on the question of lawlessness and the general insecurity in the country,” Msoni said.

He said President Lungu should use the platform to address the nation on security measures government had undertaken to combat heightened insecurity.

“The expectations of Zambians are that the Head of State should address them first on the question of insecurity in the nation before any other considerations. Zambians are still living in constant fear of gassing and the reported ritual killings. Fundamentally, that is the address Zambians are anxiously waiting for from their President. We encourage him to look beyond morals and values by addressing what is plainly important for Zambians right now in the country. A lot of families are still hurting and looking to government for answers and reassurance that government will ensure justice for victims of instant mob justice. Mob justice is a travesty of justice and the perpetrators must be brought to book,” urged Msoni.

“Gassing schools and hospitals, clearly, is a serious moral bankruptcy on the part of the perpetrators and we sincerely hope that the President will take full advantage of the parliamentary platform to address the nation on this matter. We are anxiously looking forward to the address so that matters of national concern can be put in their correct perspective.”