SENANGA UPND member of parliament Mukumbuta Mulowa says he was not voted to represent the party’s position when enacting laws in parliament but to represent the views of the people.

Last month, when Justice Minister Given Lubinda introduced the controversial Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 for second reading, all UPND members of parliament walked out of parliament save for three who opted to stay namely; Professor Geoffrey Luangwangwa of Nalikwanda constituency, Teddy Kasonso of Solwezi and Mulowa.

In an interview, Mulowa vowed to vote for the Bill, as long as it was amended.

“What you should understand is that I was voted to be in the House, to solve issues which comes for debate. Was I voted to be walking out? It is not always that we should be taking the party positions. I am not there for partisan politics, we are there for the good of the people in our constituencies and the good of Zambians at large. What is destroying politics in this country is that we have indulged ourselves into partisan politics at the expense of our people!” Mulowa exclaimed.

“The way Bill 10 came at first, it was a bad law which cannot be supported. If you remember, the Minister of Justice came up with amendments which are good amendments. Even if people can assume that we are not following our party, there are other people who are backing us. Let the Royal Barotse [Establishment] state their position on Bill 10 with those amendments whether thy are not in support of it. I will vote for the bill when they polish it up not the way it came at first with deputy ministers and other things that the Zambian people are rejecting. It needs to be supported by all well meaning law makers,”

And Mulowa said UPND president Hakainde Hichilema did not condemn him for supporting the Bill.

“I was not voted to go and dance Kalela in the corridors of parliament. I was voted to listen and to debate so that I can represent my people effectively. My President is a good man he has not condemned me in any way.” said Mulowa.