ITEZHI-TEZHI UPND member of parliament Herbert Shabula says his Senanga counterpart Mukumbuta Mulowa has lost relevance to the party.

When Justice Minister Given Lubinda introduced the controversial Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 for second reading last month, all UPND members of parliament walked out of the House save for three, namely; Professor Geoffrey Luangwangwa of Nalikwanda constituency, Teddy Kasonso of Solwezi and Mulowa.

And in an interview with News Diggers, Mulowa argued that he was not elected to represent the party’s position when enacting laws in parliament but to represent the views of the people.

But in speaking when he called News Diggers to comment on Mulowa’s remarks, Shabula reminded his Senanga counterpart that PF MPs were protecting their party’s interests.

“My brother has lost it! He must understand that those PF MPs they also protect PF’s interests in parliament! UPND members must also protect UPND’s interests in parliament. It is like in a marriage there are marriage secrets which should be kept by the husband and the wife in the home, that is what builds up a family. And what builds a nation or a party is that there are party secrets which members who are sponsored must adhere to. If a member disowns this, then he is now irrelevant to the party. I want to urge any MP especially those from UPND not to lose foresight of the responsibility they have towards the party, the constituency and the nation. These parties have manifestos, they have constitutions which they follow and this is for the good health of the party,” Shabula said.

“Some of these rules that are in the party, they also affect our performance in the constituency and parliament and therefore, we have the responsibility to protect our parties. And at national level, we must be able to hold accountable the executive. The three friends that are siding with the Constitution Amendment Bill have been talked to, we have helped them but that is their position and we respect it. But for the rest of us, we shall stand on the right side of the people. And we are not condemning them, they are enjoying their political rights. All I am saying is that how wonderful it would be for them to work with the rest of us.”

Shabula explained the difference between a partisan and an Independent member of parliament.

“I think he needs help. Honorable Mulowa must understand that there are two types of MPs; there is what we call independent MPs and partisan MPs. An Independent MP does not belong to a party, he stands on his own, he is not sponsored by any party and therefore he doesn’t represent any party and whatever decision he makes, he does not consult any party. He makes decisions on what he deems best or right in his sight. It is the people he represents and parliament and therefore he will not toe the party’s position because he doesn’t belong to any party,” said Shabula.

“Partisan MPs are sponsored to stand on those party tickets. For example, I was sponsored by UPND to stand. Meaning there is what we call a triangular responsibility and with this, you look at the party’s interest, the constituency’s interest and parliament. Which means that I have a responsibility to take care of the party’s interests, if I ignore party interest, it means that I have lost relevance to the party that appointed or sponsored me. I must have the interest of the people that voted for me.”