President Edgar Lungu says it breaks his heart when he sees sub-standard infrastructure projects, which have been constructed at the expense of Zambians’ hard-earned money.

Speaking during a signing ceremony at State House, Monday, President Lungu urged newly sworn-in State House Chief policy analyst for project implementation and monitoring, Pandwe Lubamba, not to fall prey to practices that promote sub-standard works on government projects.

“I wish to welcome you to State House. The task ahead of you is enormous as you will be required to provide expert and timely advice on how best government can efficiently identify, implement and monitor projects countrywide in the midst of austerity measures. You are taking up a mammoth task considering the number of projects currently being implemented across the country at a great cost to the Treasury. I expect that, together with your supervisor, you will work extremely hard to ensure that government realises value for money from these capital projects in our quest to improve the living standards of our people. I am certain that as an accomplished engineer, who has served the industry for 22 years, you will excel in your new position. I implore you to fully utilise and apply your expertise towards the successful implementation and monitoring of government projects,” President Lungu said.

“I urge you not to fall prey to practices that promote sub-standard works on government projects. There is a tendency to simply maintain the status quo, and go by what everyone else deems right even when it is wrong. However, I expect that you will be exceptional, and will interrogate substandard works without fear. It breaks my heart to see sub-standard projects, which have been put up at the expense of the country’s hard-earned money. This must not be allowed to continue. It is my desire that projects implemented in the country will stand the test of time.”

Former ZNBC boss is new Ghana Envoy, as Kasosa replaces Muntemba

And President Lungu told Mwanza that his tour of duty in Ghana was a great opportunity for him to identify new areas of cooperation between Zambia and Ghana, as well as further strengthen already-existing cordial relations between the two countries.

“You are an accomplished public servant with vast experience spanning over 40 years in the telecommunications and media industry. Your experience dates back to 1973 when you joined the then Zambia Broadcasting Services as a technical assistant. You also served at the level of director, deputy director general and acting director general at the Communications Authority of Zambia, and later the Zambia Information And Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) between 1998 and 2010. Notable among your initiatives at ZICTA was the introduction and implementation of the Sim Card Registration System, which provides user security, and it is still in force to-date,” President Lungu said.

“Until recently, you worked at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) as Director-General where you successfully spearheaded the implementation of the digital television migration, among other progressive policy targets that you achieved. In this regard, I expect you to utilize your vast experience in the public service to re-engineer operations at the Zambian Mission in Ghana. I have no doubt that you are equal to the task, and will effectively represent the Republic of Zambia as High Commissioner. Your tour of duty in Ghana is a great opportunity for you to identify new areas of cooperation between Zambia and Ghana, as well as further strengthen already-existing cordial relations between the two countries. Relations between Zambia and Ghana date back to pre-Independence era, hence the need for you to work towards escalating cooperation in various sectors of our respective economies.”

President Lungu also observed that Kasosa’s good conduct earned her the appointment as Zambia’s new Envoy to Kenya.

“Your appointment must be a lesson to others. The need for one to conduct himself or herself well cannot be over-emphasized if people conduct themselves well. Your good conduct, among other traits, has earned you this appointment. I am happy that you are going to represent Zambia in Kenya, replacing a gallant woman, the late Mrs Brenda Muntemba, who served Zambia in that mission diligently. Mrs Muntemba distinguished herself in her execution of duty and represented Zambia exceptionally well. May her soul continue to rest in peace. I have great passion to ensure that deserving women are appointed to decision-making positions. It is not simply a question of me appointing women to fill up various positions of authority, but that their track record must have proven their worth in their profession, and their general conduct,” President Lungu said.

“Mrs Kasosa, you are now High Commissioner to the Republic of Kenya; I expect you to go and build on from where your predecessor left. I am confident that you are equal to the task having worked in the police service for 20 years with the highest position you held as Commissioner of Police. During your work in the police service, you had the opportunity to work at the United Nations in New York, and Liberia under the Peacekeeping Operations Department. Arising from this exposure, you have a good understanding of the dynamics of international relations. Therefore, I have no doubt, that you will fully apply the knowledge you acquired from the United Nations to benefit Zambia as you take up your new position in Kenya, including cementing the relations that exist between Zambia and Kenya.”

Meanwhile, President Lungu appointed Chilije Nyirenda as the new Luapula Province Police Commissioner and transferred Elias Chushi to North-Western Province in the same capacity.

“I am sending you to Luapula Province to take over the management of the region as Commissioner of Police. You are a well-seasoned police officer, and I am confident you are going to be in control of your new duty post. You have worked in the police service since 1984 having joined as a constable and rose through the ranks to Commanding Officer Paramilitary at Lilayi Police Training Centre, a position you have held to-date. I have no doubt that you will rise to the challenge. Let me express my disappointment over the poor performance of the police in North-Western Province. The people of Zambia are aware of the gold reserves in North-Western Province, and are expectant of a good return on it. Sadly, the police there have not provided the much-needed security to safeguard this precious resource,” said President Lungu.

“In this regard, I have decided to transfer the Commissioner of Police in Luapula Province Elias Chushi to North-Western Province in the same capacity. Once again, I wish to congratulate all of you on your respective appointments and wish you God’s blessings. Let me congratulate the four of you on your respective appointments in the public service. The decision to appoint you, from among many other equally qualified and deserving Zambians, was done on merit.”