IF THERE was a lifestyle audit for leaders in PF today, I’m telling you, 90 per cent of them will be in prison, NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has charged.

And Kambwili has urged artists to continue speaking on behalf of Zambians and not to be intimidated by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.

Meanwhile, Kambwili has appealed to government to find a way of cushioning university students from the effects of Covid-19.

At a press briefing, Saturday, Kambwili urged PF members to join NDC, saying his party had the original thinking of late Micheal Sata.

This was after NDC received four defectors from the ruling Patriotic Front, Socialist Party and Rainbow Party.

He further charged that if there was a lifestyle audit for PF leaders, 90 percent of them would be in prison.

“This PF we have today is not a pro-poor PF. It’s a rich leadership PF. I have said and I want to say it again, if there was going to be a lifestyle audit for the leaders in PF today, I’m telling you 90 percent of them will be in prison. We have seen people who were paupers, failing to even pay rentals, [who] didn’t even own a property, today they own the best and beautiful houses in Lusaka, Copperbelt, mention it. Where have they got the money from? They were not in business before they became Ministers, they were just paupers. But today they are stinking rich. We are not going to allow that to continue,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili warned Lusambo to stop threatening Zambians as he did not have absolute power as minister.

“Bowman watch your mouth. You don’t have absolute power as minister. And this idea of reminding people [that] ‘I’m the minister of Lusaka Province, I’m the minister’, who doesn’t know that you are a minister? Aba bene bantu muleya muku tola, ta lotelepo ati akabapo minister (these same people you are picking, he didn’t dream of ever becoming a minister), these are the end results. Stop threatening Zambians. You beat up Zambians during the closure of the bars. You have done everything wrong in this country and you are being tolerated. If I were President, I could have fired Lusambo,” Kambwili said.

“My brother, President Lungu, take charge of this government. Show the people of Zambia that you are in charge, that you don’t tolerate indiscipline. What Bowman has been doing in this country is indiscipline of the worst kind. Look at his statements when he featured on Diamond TV, how can a minister speak like that? He can’t even define freedom of expression ati ba minister? Twali ba minister mwati naya ma rubbish yaba minister tulemona (we were ministers not the rubbish we are seeing).”

Kambwili further urged artists to continue speaking on behalf of Zambians and not to be intimidated by Lusambo.

“I want to appeal to the youths, artists in particular that what you have done in the past three days should continue and don’t be intimidated. [Brian] Bwembya (B’Flow), Chella [Tukuta], Macky 2 and others, don’t be intimidated. Don’t keep quiet. You are speaking on behalf of Zambians. Your influence is very important for the upcoming youths because they listen to your music. And when you speak, they will listen. Please continue and don’t be intimidated by Bowman Lusambo. We want to hear more youths, more musicians, speak about corruption, speak about the misrule in this country so that the powers that be realise that they are not taking us anywhere. I want when I wake up everyday, there’s a new video communicating and telling these people. That’s the way it should be. Well done youths,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili appealed to government to help students cushion the effects of Covid-19.

“Honourable Mushimba has announced that colleges open on Monday. Where do you expect parents who have not been working because of Covid-19 to get the fees? You should have instructed colleges that either the fees will be deferred, or you allow them to pay on installments or the government will take up payment of the student fees for this particular period. Because what’s going to happen is that students [who] will go to colleges and universities on Monday will be turned away for non payment. They will not be allowed to sit for exams because they have not paid. What is your policy on fees as regards this Covid-19 period?” he asked.

“I want to appeal to you that pay the fees for all the university students during this hard time of Covid-19 so that every Zambian can be given an opportunity to go to school. Some of the parents run bars which are closed. Find a stimulus package to resolve this issue of fees among the students during this Covid time.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili announced some appointments and changes that had been made to the NDC central committee.

“This country is bleeding, it has no leadership to talk about. You are seeing what’s going on, where there’s no freedom of expression. Where decisions are made in the interest of foreigners. Chinese and foreigners have today become number one in as far as the Patriotic Front administration is concerned. I’m calling upon even those that have remained in the PF that the door is open. If you believed in President Micheal Sata or the Patriotic Front of more money in your pockets, more jobs and lower taxes, this is a platform. We have the original thinking of President Micheal Sata,” said Kambwili.