NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili says Zambia has now become a laughing stock due to the PF’s continued push to remain in power.

And Choma Central UPND member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa says Vice-President Inonge Wina failed to provide clear answers on her claim that the enactment of the Constitution Amendment Bill 10 of 2019 would curb violence and strengthen the rule of law.

Commenting on last week’s Vice President Question Time where Vice-President Inonge Wina said that the discrimination on the application on the rule of law will only be dealt with when Bill 10 was enacted, Kambwili questioned the connection between Bill 10 and the upholding of the rule of role.

He added that under normal circumstances, the opposition should have walked out of Parliament after that response from Vice-President Wina.

“I think it is very unfortunate that such kind of answer can come from a Vice-President. To make matters worse, a mother of a nation who is supposed to be the custodian of the people of Zambia. Now, if a mother can say that, it is very unfortunate because it is a duty of the government to apply the law fairly with or without Bill 10. In any case, which section in Bill 10 deals with application of the law? Not even one. There are 79 articles that they want to repeal and amend and not even one talks about the application of the law. So, where is the connection? This clearly shows that whatever those PF cadres do to disrupt peace and tranquility has got the support of the powers that be. It has got the support of the (ruling) party, it has got the support of the government,” said Kambwili in an interview.

“We have stooped so low that we have now become a laughing stalk just for the purpose of keeping their offices or remaining in power. We have had interruptions at radio stations, we have had PF cadres insulting openly, but never arrested. Then, the mother of the nation, who is supposed to give hope that, really, government is concerned about the happenings and they are doing something, comes and says, ‘unless you support Bill 10…’ It clearly shows you that this Bill 10 has nothing to do with cleaning up the Constitution or whatever, but it is just a tool to make PF remain in power. Indeed, Friday’s (VEEP) Question Time was a dark day and it is just that Parliament now has…I don’t know how I can describe it. Under normal circumstances, the opposition should have walked out immediately she gave that teasing answer.”

And Mweetwa said that Vice-President Inonge Wina had run out of ideas by insinuating that the enactment of Bill 10 will enable the fair administration of the rule of law.

In a separate interview, Mweetwa said Vice-President Wina failed to prove how Bill 10 would enhance the rule of law and clampdown on violent conduct.

“First of all, it is just that the Vice-President is a running mate, as such, she has to hold office until next term otherwise she fits to be called to resign because she has run out of ideas. You can see that she is tired. She has run out of ideas, she can no longer perform the functions of that high office. Look, when Honourable Mwiimbu asked her what provision in Bill 10 deals with violence, didn’t she look out of place? She completely looked out of place and that tells you that this is a person who is performing acts of political gambling at the present moment. She was trying to play to the gallery, but it didn’t work. It is fair to say that she is a true representation of what PF has become: a government that has run out of ideas, a government that is not in touch with people,” Mweetwa said.

He insisted that there were no provisions in Bill 10 that dealt with violence, adding that there were already sufficient laws and rules in the current Constitution to deal with violence.

“Bill 10 has nothing to do with acts of violence and even if the Bill had a connection to ending violence, there are sufficient laws and rules right now to deal with ending violence. We cannot continue on this path where a government sits and they are profiteering from violence. PF are profiteering from the prevalence of violence, but the sad part of it is that violence does not choose. One day, one of them may suffer an injury or one of their loved ones will have an injury or loss that will make them realise that they should have curbed violence,” said Mweetwa.

“At the present moment, they are enjoying because wherever they go, they are protected by the police. Very soon, Vice-President Wina will no longer be protected by Zambia Police, she will become an ordinary citizen. In the next nine months, she will realise that when she was Vice-President, she should have done better to ensure the safety of all Zambians. For now, she is blind-folded by that luxury she is enjoying; by the security she is given. She needs to know that the rest of Zambians don’t have the luxury that she has.”