SPEAKER of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini has given a go-ahead to Kapiri Mposhi UPND member of parliament Stanley Kakubo to move a motion to censure Bowman Lusambo.

According to a letter from the Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly dated July 16, 2020, Kakubo wants Lusambo censured for using unpalatable language when he described the opinions of youths as “stupidity” and “stinking nonsense”.

“I am directed to refer to your letter dated 26th June, 2020 in which you sought to move the motion below on the floor of the House at an appropriate date: “Censure Hon B.C Lusambo MP-Minister for Lusaka: That this House being dissatisfied with the conduct of the Hon Provincial Minister for Lusaka Province, and in accordance with Article 87 of the Constitution of Zambia as read with Standing Order 175 of the National Assembly of Zambia Standing Orders, 2016, Hon Bowman Chilosha Lusambo, MP, be censured for the following reasons; (a) that, at the press briefing held at his office on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, the Hon Minister used unpalatable language when he referred to the youths who were expressing their opinions on governance issues as disgruntled and that their expression of opinions was an act of stupidity and stinking nonsense; and (b) that, at the same press briefing, the Hon Minister ordered the said youths to stop expressing their opinions forthwith, warning them that they were too naked to misbehave,” the letter read.

The letter, which was signed by a Parliament official only identified as T.C Nyangu, stated that Dr Matibini had approved the Motion for debate before the House adjourned Sine Die.

“I wish to inform you that the Hon Mr Speaker has approved the motion for debate on Thursday, 23rd July 2020,” the letter further read.

And in an interview, Kakubo said he would go ahead with his Motion to have Lusambo censured once parliament resumes sitting.

“Yes [I will still go ahead]. All the business that was pending in the House after the abrupt closure will be restored in the next sitting,” said Kakubo.