DEFENCE Minister Davies Chama says even if the opposition UPND and NDC fielded UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in the forthcoming Mwanasbombwe and Lukashya by-elections, they would still be defeated by the ruling party.

And Chama says Hichilema should start keeping track of his losses because he is guaranteed another one in next year’s general elections.

In an interview, Chama said it did not matter whether the opposition had one candidate in the forthcoming by-elections because they would still be defeated.

“Whether they field one candidate or not, they will be defeated. They can even field their president, we will still defeat them. It doesn’t matter whether they field one or half of the party their candidate will still be defeated so it doesn’t threaten us at all,” Chama said.

And Chama said Hichilema’s loss was guaranteed in 2021.

“He is losing again so he will just be counting because he is a life president for that party, I don’t even want to mention it. He will be losing up to 20 times. Whether he stands in 2021, he is going to lose. He will count the 7th time. Again, in 2026 he will lose again the 8th time. He is a calculator man, he likes counting. He will continue to count. So for us, since he [says it] doesn’t matter how many times he loses, he will count again, the loss is coming that is guaranteed,” said Chama.

Recently, Hichilema said he did waste counting his losses because fighting for freedom did not come easy.

Responding to a QFM Breakfast Show listener, Wednesday, Hichilema said he did not count the number of times he had lost elections because the goal was to seek a better living for the Zambian people.

The listener, who only identified himself as Brother Chisha from Lusaka, asked what strategy Hichilema would use going into the 2021 general elections as he had already lost five previous elections.

Chisha also questioned why Hichilema had continued to use social media to campaign rather than engaging people on the ground.

“Hey, it is citizens adept in losing. Citizens are hurting, that is why the economy has collapsed, that is why there are no jobs, citizens are hurting everywhere. What HH is doing is caring for 17 million children. So when you count those numbers, I don’t count those numbers myself. What we are seeking is to better the lives of the people. It doesn’t matter how many much long it takes, it doesn’t matter. How long did it take to fight for independence? How long was Kaunda arrested? How many times was Kapwepwe arrested? Did they stop fighting for independence? No! Because they knew that independence had to come. As we know that PF has to go because we need to bring a decent leadership, it doesn’t matter, keep counting Chisha you will be tired of counting,” said Hichilema.