PF SECRETARY General Davies Mwila says the adoption of a ruling party-reject, Davies Mulenga, in the Lukashya by-election is an indication that the UPND have no structures in Northern Province.

And Mwila says the ruling party does not feel threatened by the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) decision to support UPND in the upcoming by-elections.

In an interview, Mwila charged that the PF had rejected Mulenga because he had “skeletons in his closet” and that his adoption by the UPND was an indication of their non-existence in Northern Province because they still lacked structures and credible candidates.

“First and foremost, the UPND don’t exist in Northern Province because they don’t have candidates. That is the more reason they picked a reject. They were supposed to ask us, PF, why we rejected Mulenga. He is a reject! We rejected him, we didn’t want to adopt him because there are too many skeletons in his cupboard. So, that is the more the reason we rejected him and they picked a rejected person. It means that they are not there in that province,” Mwila said.

“The UPND is not on the ground, they don’t have the structures, they don’t have the people. That is the more reason they didn’t have a candidate. All of a sudden in less than two weeks, someone is rejected, you just go and pick him, which means that they are not even ready for the election.”

And Mwila said the party was not threatened by the NDC’s decision to support the UPND in the upcoming by-elections, as the PF were guaranteed victory in all the by-elections.

“When it comes to the Alliance, it is not a threat, NDC’s Chishimba Kambwili in his own mouth said, ‘we are going to form government.’ If they are going into an alliance, how are they going to form government? It means that he wants help from the UPND; individually, they cannot defeat the PF that is what it means. So, it is a weak party and the NDC is now finished! It is nowhere that is why they can’t field candidates. They now want to be helped by UPND, but they will be swallowed by the UPND! They can’t field candidates, they want to be supporting another political party,” argued Mwila.

“We will carry the day in Mwansabombwe as well as Lukasyha. We have to win all the upcoming by-elections, including the wards, because the people of Zambia want development and PF is delivering development, that is what people want. You saw what happened in Chilubi (constituency), that is what will happen in Lukashya. We have penetrated in Western Province out of six, we won five. In North-Western, out of seven, we won three. So, we have continued winning and we have five in Lufwanyama, which is the stronghold for UPND. We expect to get all of them.”