CRIMINALS have attacked and robbed SHI and Yan Copper Mining Company in Mkushi of Central Province and fled with property worth over K90,000, including K40,000 cash.

The criminals also beat up mine staff found at the company, including three Chinese.

Central Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga disclosed in an interview to News Diggers! that the robbery took place Tuesday evening.

“Aggravated Robbery O.B#13275/20. Reported on 16/09/20 at 01:00 hours and occurred between 15/09/20 at 23:00 hours and 16/09/20 at 00:30 hours at SHI and Yan Mining Company at Mkushi Copper Mine,” Katanga said.

He narrated that the mining company’s human resource officer, Saidi Mtonga, reported to the police that 10 unknown criminals, who were armed with unknown types of guns, robbed the company.

“A telephone call was received from Mtonga Saidi, aged 33, the human resource officer, also of Chinyumba village in chief Mphamba of Lundazi District, who reported on behalf of the company to the effect that about 10 or more unknown criminals, who were armed with two unknown type of guns and sticks went at the Chinese hostels within the company premises and attacked three Chinese nationals, namely, male Li Wen Jun, aged 40 years, a production manager who was tied with a wire near the toilet in which he was beaten. He sustained painful teeth, some bruises on the legs, swollen face, bruises on the back, both legs and arms after kicks and sticks were allegedly used to inflict the injuries,” Katanga narrated.

He said the criminals further proceeded to the manager’s room and stole various items and cash amounting to K40,000.

“In the process, the criminals went in his room and stole K40,000 cash money, a Samsung cell phone valued at US $500 (K10,000) and ACER laptop valued at US $2,000 (K40,000) all property valued at K90,000. (02) Ru Yingguo, aged 46, a mechanical engineer was beaten and sustained bruises on the face, both legs, painful teeth, swollen part of the head, bruised neck after being strangled. Kicks and fists allegedly used. (03) Chen Shun Jiang, aged 35 years, a stores officer was attacked and beaten in his room and sustained swollen and painful right eye, swollen head, and chest pains after fists and a butt stalk of unknown type of gun allegedly used to inflict the injuries. In the process, undisclosed amount of cash money got stolen,” Katanga said.

“Two Zambian citizens were also attacked, namely, Shepherd Mulenga, aged 28, a machine operator of Lubuto area, Shachabu village in chief Mukonchi of Kapiri Mposhi District, who sustained painful left and right knee, painful nose, and bleeding from the nose and mouth. Fists and kicks allegedly used and Benard Phiri, aged 45, of Copper Mine area, a security guard of village Nkopeka in chief Mwanjabantu in Chipata District, who was also beaten and sustained painful chest and right leg after a butt stalk of unknown type of gun allegedly used.”

He said the victims were rushed to Tusekelemo Private Hospital in Mkushi where they were admitted on observation, but were all in a stable condition by press time.

Katanga, however, added that police had not made any arrest so far.