PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says there is nothing special about UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema so he should be investigated for his role in the privatization of state owned enterprises.

And Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says when it comes to the law, no one will be favored.

Speaking when they drummed up support for George Chisanga at a rally in Lukashya, Wednesday, Mwila said if Hichilema wanted to rule the country, he must wash himself of any wrong doing.

He said President Edgar Lungu allowed the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate and prosecute his ministers, therefore, there was nothing special about the UPND leader.

“Ba President Edgar Lungu has made a commitment to fight corruption without segregation. Dr Chitalu Chilufya was investigated, taken to court and acquitted. Honorable (Ronald) Chitolela was investigated, taken to court and acquitted. In this case, no one is special. HH must be investigated,” Mwila said.

“Abena kalo chalo baletila ba HH balondolole bwino efyo bashitishe Intercontinental (Hotel). Balondolole efyo basendele ilya inganda baleikalamo. Ifi nibantu balefwaya, teifwe ba PF. Tulenkonka fye ifyo abantu balelanda. Ulefwaya ukuba kateka afwile aisambaika, he must be clean. That is all what the people of Zambia are saying. Belatukaika fye ngachafika palibena awe! Tule fwaya umuntu onse alondolola. Filya balelanda ati corruption awe nicho tulebomba. Chakweba ati ngabalumbula corruption pakweba ati tutine twilabomba tuletwalila ukubomba because those are the promises that we made. Efyo twalaile abantu misebo, ifipatala, social cash transfer. President Lungu at work. And I have said no political party has done what we have done since independence (People of Zambia are saying Hichilema should explain how he sold Intercontinental Hotel and how he acquired the house he was staying in. It is not us the PF who want this, it is the people of Zambia. If you want to be a President, you should be clean. He should not be insulting when he is told to explain himself. We want everyone to explain. They (opposition) keep on stating that we are corrupt, it is because we are working. When they accuse us of being corrupt, they want us to be distracted so that we should not work. We promised the people of Zambia good roads and hospitals).”

And Kampyongo said anyone who broke the law would be arrested indiscriminately.

“We sent people to come and issue National Registration Cards even here in Chisanga area they are here. So all those who are 16 years and above you have an opportunity to go and get one instead of going to the local authorities which are in far places. And to those who lost your cards, ensure that you get your cards here. We sent our officers to come here using the money that we were given by the Finance minister and then a person comes to damage that property and beat our officers, is that a reasonable person? What do you do to such a person? And I want to assure you that we don’t work with favor, when you break the law we arrest you, we don’t choose!” exclaimed Kampyongo.

He also warned people to drink responsibly within the allowed trading hours for bars.