POLICE in Mpika have summoned Sesheke UPND member for parliament Romeo Kang’ombe “to help with investigations”.

But Kang’ombe says he will not be able to go to Mpika because there has been no official communication.

On Thursday, Inspector General of Police claimed that two police officers from Mpika Police Station were abducted by UPND cadres who were in the company of their party leader Hakainde Hichilema.

And in an interview, Muchinga Police Commissioner Joel Njase said Kang’ombe was wanted to help with investigations regarding what happened in the area.

“We will give further details once those people come here. This is why we have called them here, we are doing an investigation relating to what happened in our area. For now, we just want to find out one or two issues from them, once they come and we find anything, then we will be able to advise the media. I won’t want to comment further to avoid interfering with officers who are on the ground who are doing the investigations,” said Njase.

But in a separate interview, Kang’ombe said the police should notify him officially.

“I did receive a call from an unknown person who introduced himself as Mr Nkhuwa, Mpika DCIO I indicated to him that I got the information but if only if they can put it in writing as official because it is very difficult for me to ascertain the person I am talking to owing to the fact that I am talking to the said individual for the first time. Secondly, I told him Mpika is not a walkable distance where one can just start walking, I need to put logistics in place but before that, I need an official communication, not a phone call. If they can communicate to me using an official notification then I can avail myself. As for now, I am still waiting for the official communication. I tried to enquire what the reason is, I was told it is in relation with some fracas that happened along the way,” said Kang’ombe.