KENYAN Professor of Law Patrick Lumumba says he will not respond to unfounded rumors that he and other foreigners are mobilizing funds to help the opposition unseat President Edgar Lungu because it’s a sign that the Zambian government is weak and paranoid.

Last week, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo said government was aware that some opposition leaders were soliciting funds from their collaborators who were asking them to cause lawlessness in the country.

A publication called Batoka Bulls claimed that MMD leader Never Mumba was in East Africa where he was sent to meet partners of the opposition coalition, among them Prof Lumumba, who gave him US$400,000 for joint activities.

But in an interview, Professor Lumumba said only a very weak government could be bothered by a foreign civilian.

“I have no response to unfounded rumours which are figments of the fertile imagination of idle conspiracy theorists. What message can I have to people who are paranoid and see enemies everywhere? They need prayers. What interest do I have in Zambia? I wish I had the power they claim I have over Zambian politics. It must be a very weak government that is bothered by a foreign civilian,” said Prof Lumumba.

Kampyongo had said an opposition leader was recently in East Africa to solicit for funds from people who were encouraging them to cause lawlessness in Zambia.

“I also want to say that government is aware of some schemes of political parties wanting to dare government and when government acts, they want to cry victims and claim that the democratic space is shrinking. We are equally aware that one political leader was recently in East Africa where he went to solicit for funds from their collaborators who have also encouraged them to engage in lawlessness activities. We are not going to allow people to trade off the sovereignty of this country or a piece of silver. We shall not sit and watch as foreign interests come and disturb the peace that this country has enjoyed,” warned Kampyongo.

“Government is equally aware of the schemes by a known political grouping to begin attacking the government procured equipment which includes motor vehicles for police service using all sorts of weaponry, gadgets, including explosives. The source of the explosives is already established and the culprits are also being monitored and very soon we expect the police to do the needful. But I want to say that the anti riot equipment and other modern equipment has been procured at a high cost and it is irresponsible and criminal for any individual or organisation to begin scheming to destroy the equipment.”