Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) secretary general Lucky Mulusa says stubborn as they are, PF should learn from Donald Trump and the just ended US elections.

Mulusa, a former National Planning and Development Minister, said PF would suffer Trump’s fate in 2021.

“This arrogance of incumbency, that the PF will be in power until forever, you know, every single day I’m praying for those in government to live longer. So that they live long enough to see how proper governance is supposed to be dispensed. And secondly, I want them to live longer so that they see the consequences of their action in government. They ministers have no life after this. They think they are clever but they [will] have no life,” Mulusa said.

“If you have noticed, voters turned out in large numbers because they realised that when you neglect the power to choose leaders for your destiny, you end up with what you don’t want. So they ended up with a leader who they were embarrassed with. The people are always in charge and the American people neglected being in charge. But they realised in time and decided to undo the mistakes they had made previously. That’s why we can see that the Americans voted in numbers.”

He said leadership was not an entitlement.

“You know, no one is entitled to be in leadership. You see anyone who says I will not move, or I will be here in government for so many years, it shows how misplaced they are in understanding the role of leadership. It is misplaced madness because leadership is a privilege. It’s not an entitlement that you can even boast about that you will not go anywhere like they do in PF. In any case, it will be very interesting to listen to the campaign messages of the PF. It’s not just madness, it’s craziness too. You know any wise person can tell you that it is wise to learn from what previously transpired. And over the past few years we have witnessed some turn of events talking place over Africa. In Kenya, the autonomy of the judiciary was demonstrated, the same happened in Malawi just recently. It has happened in America. Those who were in power in those countries including Trump were stubborn, just like the PF are. Next year it’s their turn ba PF and that’s why I’m saying you don’t need to be stubborn because it’s not up to you to stay in public office,” said Mulusa.

“If you must continue staying in power, you must justify why you must continue. Because to be sincere, the PF has no message to give to the Zambians. There is completely nothing. Because in terms of campaign messages, you talk about food, you talk about agriculture, you talk about the state of the economy and you talk about what you can offer the people. The PF has got nothing absolutely nothing to offer to Zambians. Their standard measure is the fire renders. That’s their standard measure, which is four times the price of machines and that’s the standard in the PF. Everything they have given you is at four times the price, the roads they are rolling out is four times the price. So everything that has happened in Zambia is at four times the price. So it doesn’t make sense to be stubborn.”