LUSAKA Province PF chairman Paul Moonga says he is a threat to many politicians in the party and some people want him out.

Reacting to media reports that he had been fired from his position in an interview, Moonga described them as rumours, saying he was yet to receive any information about his alleged dismissal.

“Surely if the boss wants to remove me, it could be headline in all the media houses. Look at the story itself, it’s very mischievous and brings division in the country. They are trying to bring the tribal element as the reason which is not fair to President Edgar Lungu and the Zambian people at large. We must dismiss it as lies and purported by enemies of the Patriotic Front. I don’t think anybody worth their salt would send such on social media. We have a decent party headed by a decent man who would communicate to me the withdrawal of my assignment. Those are enemies of the system trying to divide the party and trying to use tribe as a basis. When I was appointed, there was no tribe. Surely, if I am removed could it be something private? You will see it officially. Official communication can be done from the Secretary General of the Party after being instructed by the head of the party,” Moonga said.

“Some people want President Lungu to go, some people want Paul Moonga to go, it is very normal in politics. Who would want Paul Moonga to remain? I am a threat to most of the characters in politics. I have been around, I am not saying I am the best, it will be so stupid for anyone to rate themselves as the best. I am not the best but I am among the few persons who come from the grassroots; a treasurer, a councilor, constitutional chairman. So even within, there [are] enemies in the party, even among ourselves. A party like PF, any strong political party, anybody who would want a position, it is not safe. The most difficult positions in the party I tell you are the branch chairman, the section chairman, constituency chairman, district chairman, provincial chairman, secretary general, these are very crucial positions in the party.”

Moonga said positions such as his were given by God and only God, through President Edgar Lungu, could remove him from his position.

“If I have been removed, so be it God knows why. These positions are given by God and not anybody else. God brought Kaunda (Kenneth), God brought MMD took it away. So leadership of every political party is put in by God. The structure of PF is God’s structure for the good of the Zambian people. Once we go outside God’s wish God will remove PF and bring another party. God wants people to be served in a diligent manner, nothing beyond that. All of us that we have been given positions we only have one duty to ensure that the people of Zambia are given the dignity that they deserve. So If I am not the best person God will remove me. As far as I am concerned I have no official communication, I am the chairman for Lusaka, member of the central committee,” said Moonga.

And in a separate interview, PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri said no such information had reached her office.

“I had a funeral, my father in law died. He was 106. And some other media houses called me, I told them me I am not aware, I left Lusaka on Friday and if anything like that was there, we could have known because it is us who generate letters when such things are happening. So it is not true it is just a rumor. I hear the first people who said that are Koswe, how can you take Koswe to be a credible source of news? As I have told you I am just driving back to Lusaka and I haven’t been able to see any online media but from our point of view there was no letter like that from the secretariat by the time I was leaving on Friday,” said Phiri.