PF chairman for elections Yamfwa Mukanga says insinuating that his party is trying to eliminate UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from the 2021 race is illogical.

And Mukanga says as a man of God, Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu should tame his language.

Commenting on Archbishop Mpundu’s remarks that the ruling party is trying to use frivolous allegations to eliminate Hichilema from the 2021 race so that one crook, President Edgar Lungu, “remains in front”, Mukanga said his party wasn’t afraid of anyone.

“No one is afraid of anybody. If it is anything, it is a leveled ground, everybody would have to participate. PF is ready for elections so they should also be ready. We should work hard. PF has beaten HH from inception, PF beat UPND from the time PF was formed. So how can we be afraid of a party that has never beaten us in an election? How? We beat UPND in 2006, we beat UPND in 2008, we beat UPND in 2011, we beat UPND in 2015, we beat UPND 2016, so how can we be afraid of them today? So we are not afraid of them. They should just concentrate on telling us, in fact, it is HH who should tell us his participation in terms of privatisation and how clean he is. Because when you talk about leadership, we need clean people. How clean is he to vie for the Presidency? I think that is the issue. For me, I should think he should concentrate on his participation in Privatisation. That is what I would like to hear. Not all those excuses no,” Mukanga said.

And Mukanga said Archbishop Mpundu should tame his language.

“Archbishop Mpundu is a Bishop and since he is a Bishop, he is a man of God, if he is a man of God, let him tame his language. Because he is supposed to lead by example. I think what is important is not to look at issues of farms and what, those are small issues. What is important for HH is to justify his wealth, that is all. How and what was his participation in the privatisation? I think that is more serious than all these issues. No one is above the law! Everybody should be operating within the law,” said Mukanga.