LUSAKA Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says he is embarking on a vigorous campaign to ensure that people adhere to COVID-19 preventive measures.

In an interview, Lusambo said he would start monitoring adherence by bar owners in ensuring they were operating only during stipulated hours.

“For me, I know that the people of Lusaka know about COVID-19, they are aware, so awareness is out now. What we need is to enforce adherence, that is what we are going to enforce. There is no single person in this world who doesn’t know about COVID-19, all of us we know. So what we want now is enforcement. I can assure you that we are going to double our efforts from the 2020 efforts to another level in 2021 because we have been told that the second wave for COVID-19 is more deadly than the first wave,” Lusambo said.

“I want to urge all city councils in Lusaka Province to make sure they go down to the people. Let them be alert on thess law breakers especially these bar owners. When the President allowed the bars to operate, he did emphasize on timings but we have seen that it is business as usual. I can assure them that it will not be business as usual in Lusaka Province. We are going to enforce, because we want to protect our people. We have seen countries like South Africa, it is on lock down.”

Lusambo warned bus owners against admitting unmasked passengers.

“We have seen how COVID-19 has affected our economy and many other world economies have been affected because of COVID-19. We have seen marketeers conducting their businesses, you have seen schools operating but our emphasis is on adherence. As Minister for Lusaka Province, I will move in with all the stakeholders. Very soon you will see in the roads, I want total adherence especially with face masks, we want bus drivers, conductors and those conducting those buses to board the buses with face masks. No face mask, no boarding the bus,” said Lusambo.

“I will be engaging Lusaka City Council, management at City market, Intercity Bus terminus to ensure that all the people moving from those bus terminus are wearing masks because without face masks, we are going to impound the buses. Because it is the responsibility of bus owners to also supplement government efforts. Government is doing everything possible and we need our stakeholders to make sure that they come in as well. So who are the stakeholders? The stakeholders are the people of Zambia. So soon you will see me moving and enforcing public health guidelines.”