Zambia has recorded 825 new Covid-19 cases out of 5,600 tests conducted and 17 deaths in the last 24 hours.

In a statement, Monday, Health Minister Dr Jonas Chanda stated that a quick spot check by Ministry officials at some schools found encouraging levels of adherence to the prescribed Covid-19 guidelines that included screening.

“Today, our eager young learners have returned to school to grow their minds and prepare to be tomorrow’s leaders for a better future. A quick spot check at some schools this morning found encouraging levels of adherence to the prescribed guidelines including screening. provision of hand-washing facilities and wearing of masks. We remain committed to ensuring that schools provide lessons with the utmost regard for the safety and wel-being of our children. Our report on the readiness assessment of schools for reopening will provide key insight into the measures that have been put in place for guideline adherence and monitoring. In the last 24 hours, we conducted a total of 5.600 tests with a total of Eight Hundred and Twenty-Five (825) positives. The new cases by province are broken down as follows: 303 Copperbelt, 248 Lusaka, 104 Southern, 60 North-western, 45 Luapula, 28 Central, 16 Northern, 15 Eastern, and 6 Western,” Dr Chanda stated.

“The cumulative number of confirmed cases recorded to date now stands at 55,042. There are encouraging signs of reduction in numbers of patients admitted in our health facilities, but we should not let down the guard now. In the last 24hrs we have recorded 17 new deaths. These have been reported from the Copperbelt five, Luapula three, Southern three, Eastern two, Lusaka two, Muchinga one and North-western one. The cumulative number of Covid-19 related deaths recorded to date is now 780, of which 349 have been classified as Covid-19 deaths; 405 as Covid-19 associated deaths; and 26 deaths are pending classification. Today. we also report 1,394 additional discharges, bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to 49,394. We currently have 4,868 active cases, of which 430 (8.8%) are currently admitted to our COVID-19 isolation facilities.”

Dr Chanda stated that among the 430 that were currently admitted, 293 were on oxygen therapy while 40 were in a critical condition.

“Among the admissions, 293 are on Oxygen therapy and 40 are critical Countrymen and women, we continue to note the flagrant and very worrying disregard of public health guidance, particularly at super spreader events such as funerals, markets, shopping malls, townships and on public transport. Remember that the numbers we report daily are not mere statistics but people within our communities. people we know our brother, sisters, parents and friends. This virus is still very active among us in the community and we must not let down our guard. In order to protect ourselves and protect our loved ones, we must pay heed to the simple five golden rules. Remember to: 1) Wear your facemask correctly and consistently; 2) Maintain physical distance: 3) Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use hand sanitizer; 4) Avoid crowded places if possible and stay at home; and 5) Seek medical attention early if you are symptomatic. People in addition, can use local remedies like steaming (Ukufutikila), Vitamin C, Zinc and other supplements,” stated Dr Chanda.