FORMER 4th Revolution leader Eric Chanda has announced his intentions to contest the Munali seat on the Patriotic Front ticket. 

Addressing the party structures shortly after he announced this,  Saturday, Chanda said he had decided to stand so that he could solve the many challenges which people were facing in the area. 

He said PF government had worked and Munali needed a member of parliament  who would be able to defend the ruling party. 

“PF under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has worked. This government has worked.  Today, you don’t need to go to Manda Hill shopping complex for you to have hungry Lion. Look at the roads.  Yes,  some people would say we have suffered but what they should understand is that what government has done is to bring development which you are seeing.  Time to start having money in our pockets is soon coming.  As one of the PF founder members, a person who suffered for this party, I am so touched that Munali is like this.  We need to change and work together for us to bring development in this area. All we need to do now is have a leader in here who will be able to defend the party, ” he said. 

Chanda said Munali had seen less development because of selfish leaders who had no heart for the marketeers who fought for the party. 

“As a marketeer myself,  a person who understands the sufferings of these marketeers I want to tell you that let’s work together so that your suffering can come to an end. I am not here to promise you things I can not do for you. I am here so that we work together to improve your lives. I know what the people of Kalikiliki are passing through and together we shall end those challenges,” he said.

Chanda expressed shock that despite Munali having a Member of Parliament (Professor Nkandu Luo), most challenges had not been addressed.
“I am touched that some of the party structures here have got no offices where to conduct their meetings. They meet in bars to discuss party issues. This is shocking. This touches my heart.  Why should we be meeting at a bar for us to discuss party issues? My brothers and sisters, we need to change this. We have to work for the people,” said Chanda, who was until his defection to PF the NDC spokesperson. 

Chanda further donated K100,000 for party mobilisation to Munali Constituency.

Meanwhile, Munali and Kalingalinga party chairpersons Danny Miyambo and Thomas Kaluba, respectively, pledged to work with Chanda.
“As party chairpersons here, we want to tell you that we shall support you because you have been with us here in Munali. You know what is needed here and we shall not make any mistake to choose someone who will come to tell us lies. You have demonstrated that you really has the heart for the people. We have received a number of candidates who aspire to stand but you are exceptional. We shall totally ensure that your name appears on the ballot paper for Munali,” they said.

Among those who are aspiring for Munali are Former National Arts Council Chairperson Patrick Samwimbila, Chris Chiinda and Bizwell Mutale.