PATRIOTIC Front national mobilisation vice chairperson Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya has told Luampa residents in Western Province not to blame President Edgar Lungu for lack of development if they fail to vote for him in the August 12th general election.

Speaking during a mobilization rally in Luampa District, Saturday, GBM said the appointment of Inonge Wina as Vice-President was an indication that President Lungu loved the people of Western Province.

“Hakainde Hichilema has had seven vice presidents, I am the seventh! Now I want to ask you a question; those of you who are here, is that normal? You women, if a man marries seven women of you and divorces them in a short space of time, what would you call that man? You should you call him what? Doba Doba! It is not me who said that, it is you guys who said it. My dear brother and sisters, this is a lesson. Now you the youths who are here, you must make a difference this year don’t vote on tribal lines,” Bwalya said.

“Let us vote for a leader like President Edgar Lungu, who has demonstrated that he loves all Zambians. Right now who is your Vice-President? Where does she come from? Is that not a clear sign that President Edgar Lungu loves the people of Western Province? Is that not a sign? It is a clear sign. We have 10 provinces in Zambia but President Edgar Lungu decides to pick a Vice-President from Western Province.”

Bwalya said President Lungu’s priority was first to deliver development to areas that voted for him.

“Come August 12th, are we agreeing that we are going to give President Edgar Lungu and the MP and the chairperson, and the councillor a vote? Raise your hands all those who are going to vote. So, if you don’t do that, the choice is yours. Don’t blame President Lungu that he is not bringing development here, it is because he has no one to work with. How does he work with the opposition? You who is standing there, can I ask you a question, if you have one piece of bread, your son wants bread and your neighbour’s son wants bread, who are you going to give? So what President Lungu is doing is the correct thing. First of all he has to give my son who is PF then, after that he gives to other people,” said GBM.

“So, it is entirely up to you, my dear brothers and sisters, to choose. Most importantly the youths you are the future leaders of this country. Let’s play it differently this time. Let us show them that tribalism will not take us anywhere. Let us vote for a leader who has demonstrated that he loves all Zambians and this is no other than President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We have all agreed, we are voting for President Lungu.”