CHILANGA PF member of parliament Maria Langa says she is re-contesting her seat because she has done a lot for local residents in the area.

And Langa says she was not buying off anyone when she was seen dishing out cash to her party structures recently.

In an interview, Langa announced that she was re-contesting her seat because she had done a lot for her constituents.

She added that was she was still engaging the Ministry of Tourism to see how Munda Wanga Botanical gardens could be upgraded from its current state.

“I have worked like I have been here for five years. We have been talking with Ministry of Tourism, Munda Wanga is under that Ministry, if it was under council, we would have put CDF (Constituency Development Fund), but it is under the Ministry of Tourism. So, we have been talking to see how we can upgrade Munda Wanga. Munda Wanga has actually improved from the time the President visited. It is unfortunate that in the time they have taken to re-do the fence, we have had two lions escape. And also the PF is working well. Zambians have had the fair share of development,” Langa said.

“Of course, I am standing! I have only worked for two years, and in the two years, I have done the Mungwi Road, I have done the Middle-West Road, I have done the Council Road and I have built a market in Chilanga. I have done three mini-hospitals and in the two years, I have put more than 30 boreholes! I have lobbied for gravel roads up to 117 kilometers. There are more empowerments to come under CDF.”

But when asked about her sudden source of wealth for her to be dishing out large amounts of cash to local residents, Langa explained that the funds were from allowances.

“Those were my party structures, I was giving them transport refunds. And when people see, they don’t know what was happening there. I got my allowances, I decided to share it with my people. I do not do anything apart from working for Parliament. Those were just 20 people and I was giving them K100 each; how much is that? When did the campaigns start for vote buying? I was not buying them,” she replied.

In 2018, Langa said she would reclaim Munda Wanga as a tourist capital by partnering with Disney World in America once elected into office.

“Through my vision for Chilanga, we also need a theme park for Munda Wanga. I am looking at a theme park. I have travelled widely, I have seen Disney World in America, there is Disney in China, there is also Disney in Dubai and another Disney will come to Chilanga. I will make sure we partner with Disney World in America so that we can bring Disney World in Chilanga and so that Chilanga can become a tourist destination again. You know, Chilanga was the first tourist destination with Munda Wanga and I want to claim that again,” said Langa prior to being elected as member of parliament.