PRINCESS Choolwe Nkomeshya says she strongly believes that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is going to help Zambia become better than it is now because of his resolve to fight corruption when he is Republican President.

In an interview, Princess Nkomeshya said she believes Hichilema was a man that will fight against corruption, a leadership attribute she feels would enable real change to happen in the country.

“I strongly feel that under the leadership of president Hakainde Hichilema, things in this country will change, everyone will have an opportunity, a fair chance, and I believe he has a team of change-makers and people who are genuinely wanting to do what is right by the people of Zambia. I believe he is a man that will fight against corruption, we see so much of it, but nothing is done. And I strongly believe that he is that leader that is going to help our country become better than we are doing right now. And hence my wanting to stand on the UPND ticket because I believe the team has a sense of duty and responsibility to the people,” Princess Nkomeshya said.

“We all need to work together as Zambian people because we only have one Zambia and we can’t stand by the side-lines and just see and look when things are ruining. It is not just about us, it is about our future generation because they are looking to the leaders of today to do what is right for them for tomorrow to be a better people. This is why I totally believe that the fundamentals of this country need to change in all spheres of human endeavour, politically, socially, economically. And I believe Hakainde can change that and the respect he has for the Royal Establishment.”

She said she applied to contest the Chongwe in order to help develop the constituency.

“I have had a personal conviction to want my homeland to develop, for us to hold hands with one another, with (Japhen) Mwakalombe, with whoever is contesting because we are all sons and daughters of this chiefdom. Equal opportunities to the young people and to give opportunities to ourselves because we deserve more than we have got at the moment. As it stands, I feel we have got a short hand in this national distribution of resources and we have not got what we must get as part of the country, and it is about doing what is right for our people and working collectively together. We want to see development; we want to see schools for our children; we want to see hospitals for our people; we want to see our feeder roads done. The roads are deplorable. We all deserve a better life,” said Princess Nkomeshya, who wants to stand on the UPND ticket.