LANDS and Natural Resources Minister Jean Kapata says Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa is living in his own world if he can’t see the development that the PF has delivered across the country.

And Kapata says the goodness about the debt that PF has incurred is that all of it has gone towards the country’s development.

On Wednesday, Sangwa questioned why the PF would claim that they had developed the country when the country’s debt continued to grow.

But in an interview, Kapata said Zambians had seen for themselves the development which had been delivered by PF across the country.

She added that President Edgar Lungu would definitely emerge the winner come August 12.

“First of all, I would like to say that development is there for anyone to see. When you look everywhere you will see a lot of things that were not there that are there now. For someone to say that there is no development, the Zambians themselves know, it doesn’t need Sangwa to tell people that the development is there or development is not there. The Zambian people themselves have seen the development which is not only in Lusaka but all over the country. So for Sangwa to maintain to say that there is no development, that is his own thinking. It will not take him anywhere, because Sangwa is not Zambia, neither is Zambia Sangwa. The Zambians themselves have seen what the President, his Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has done under his leadership. So to even argue with such a person, I find it very difficult. Let him live in his own world, as far as I am concerned, the Zambians have seen and they are seeing what we have done,” Kapata said.

She further said it was not only Zambia that was undergoing difficulties, but that big economies were also facing the same problems due to COVID-19.

“Come August 12, 2021, definitely 100 percent, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is going to emerge the winner. It is not only Zambia, the economy is as it at the moment, this COVID thing… A good example is [if you] walk around in some shops, you will find [that] the shops are empty because things are not coming into the country and things are not going out of the country as it’s supposed to be. So for me, putting the status of the economy is not fair because the economy has been affected by COVID-19. We all know that COVID-19 is world wide. It is not only Zambia that is undergoing such difficulties. It is almost every part of the world. Big economies are going through the same problems,” Kapata said.

She said the goodness about the debt that PF had incurred was that all of it had gone towards development of the country.

“Yes, the debt has been there and I think that this issue of talking about debt everyday, even as an individual, I borrow from the banks. I borrow from the bank, so that I can do one or two things that I want to do in my own capacity as a Zambian. The goodness about the debt that PF has incurred, all of it has gone towards development of this country. For me , there are some countries where people borrow money and the money goes into people’s pockets. But for Zambia, Zambia has borrowed and things are being seen. The development is everywhere to see,” Kapata said.

And Kapata said the court action by Katuba UPND member of parliament Aubrey Kapalasa regarding President Lungu’s eligibility to contest this year’s election, was just a scheme by the UPND.

“As far as we are concerned, we don’t have competitors, that is why people are coming in saying all sorts of things. They are scared of the President winning. I also want to caution the UPND saying that they are not aware that their MP has dragged the issue of eligibility of the President to court. That is just a scheme, I don’t believe them when they are saying that they are not aware. They are saying that the MP is doing this without their concern or their knowledge, that they have only seen it in the media. That is not true because these are skirmishes which the opposition are up to. Anyway the Concourt ruled. I think that anybody that is talking against the ruling of the Concourt, that is contempt. I think I will ask the legal minds within the party to pick up this issue seriously and bring up a contempt charge against this particular MP,” said Kapata.