FORMER Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe says the UPND should not be confident that they will win the upcoming election because they have a database of 4.7 million voters.

Commenting on the remarks by UPND secretary general Batuke Imenda that the party was confident of winning the polls because it had a verifiable and authentic database of 4.7 million dedicated voters, Sikazwe said it was the number of votes cast that would determine the winner of the polls.

“Why don’t you wait for the voting day, wait for that day! They have predicted and they are saying they have numbers in the database, the database doesn’t vote. The database doesn’t vote! It is the numbers that vote, it is the actual numbers that day that vote, that is what is very important. The number of people that are going to vote for them on that day is what matters. We have almost seven million voters and it is not the first time, we always have four million voters but when it comes to voting, you will find that on the voting day it is only one million and something voters that vote,” Sikazwe said in an interview.

“So, if you say you have four something million voters on your database, yes that is the database. If the database is what they are going to use to determine the winner, then they have won. But if it is the number of votes cast that is going to determine if you have won, then they have to wait for that day.”

Sikazwe added that it could be “foolish” of him to proclaim victory from the 48,000 voters that were captured on his database in Mpulungu.

“I have 53,890 voters in Mpulungu, and we have captured. And those we have spoken to are almost 48,000. So, I can be so foolish to say we have already won because we have spoken to 48,000 people. On our database, 48,000 people, it is indicating that those are the people we are in contact with. We have to wait and pray that those people turn out to go and vote. That is the secret, it is the number of people that will turn out to vote that will determine the winner, not the number of people that you have captured on your database that will determine the winner,” said Sikazwe.

In a statement, Tuesday, Imenda said the UPND were ready and confident of scooping the upcoming elections because they had a verifiable and authentic database of 4.7 million dedicated voters.

“Our confidence is derived from the following factors: The UPND has a verifiable and authentic database of 4.7 million dedicated voters that will overwhelm our opponents and carry us into victory to form government. Further, there’s evidence that a significant number of undecided voters have decided to vote for President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND, after realising the non-viability and disastrous leadership under the PF administration,” said Imenda.