BOWMAN Lusambo of the PF has retained the Kabushi Parliamentary seat with 18,417 votes against his closest rival, Bernard Kanengo of the UPND, who polled 12,593.

And the UPND has grabbed the Chifubu and Ndola Central parliamentary seat.

Meanwhile, political stakeholders threatened violence if ECZ does not announce the results for the presidential election soon.

Kabushi constituency presiding officer Elias Mwalaba declared Lusambo as the winner 02:48 hours on Saturday amid jubilation from his supporters who endured the cold night.

Kabushi constituency has a total of 49,908 registered voters; 50.43 percent of whom are male and 49.55 are female.

The constituency has 77 polling stations where 36,830 votes were cast, out of which 550 were rejected.

And Loyd Lubosha of the UPND has won the Chifubu parliamentary seat.

Chifubu constituency returning officer Bupe Mutanya announced the election results from 74 polling districts.

Mutanya declared Lubosha, who garnered 19,295 votes, as winner around 02:00 hours. The seat was previously held by PF’s Frank Ng’ambi.

His closest rival was Kondwani Winga of PF who got 17,542 votes.

Meanwhile, Frank Tayali of the UPND was declared winner of the Ndola Central constituency parliamentary seat around 04:00 hours Saturday morning after amassing 22,907 votes against his closest rival Brendah Mwamba of PF to grab the seat which was previously held by Emmanuel Mulenga.

Electoral Commission of Zambia Ndola Central constituency returning officer Joseph Kabwesha declared Tayali as winner after a total of 44,645 votes were cast in the constituency while 682 were rejected.

Counting and consolidating of votes for Bwana Mkubwa Constituency is still on but Independent candidate Warren Mwambazi is having a comfortable lead which PF’s Dr Jonas Chanda who is trailing in third position.

Meanwhile, political stakeholders led by parliamentary candidates had threatened violence if ECZ did not announce presidential election results in good time.

To pacify the situation, ECZ had to announce results for the parliamentary election instead.