FORMER Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says one does not need to be a rocket scientist to see that President Edgar Lungu is still adorable to Zambians.

And Kampyongo says it will be difficult for the UPND to govern the country because they do not have the capacity.

Speaking during Phoenix FM’s ‘Zambia Decides 2021’ programme, Thursday, Kampyongo said President Lungu was currently the most adorable political figure in the country.

“Just look at the president, he is still adorable to people. You do not need a skyrocket science for a political scientist to tell you that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu right now is the most adorable political figure in this country. You can opt to doubt and pretend but that is what exactly the situation is. Here in Shiwang’andu for example, we are expecting that those that registered as voters not too long ago have turned out. And at least if we manage to score 90% it will even be better because of the conditions of this COVID-19. I am happy that even as late, people were still queuing up because in the past there was a lazy attitude in our people of thinking the next person is going to do it for them anyway. They have also seen that a government can actually deliver to their expectations,” he said.

Kampyongo said people knew that if they did not vote for PF, they would remain with incomplete projects.

“This is a government that has accounted for itself, promised to look after the poor and they are getting social cash transfer. For our villagers, that has been a life changer and a game changer for the people in the rural areas. They have been able to get inputs on time and thereby increasing productivity. And I know that they are happy with the way we are going to transform the agriculture sector and reforming some of these programmes such as FISP,” he said.

“That is what we are giving them and they trust the government because they have been able to see massive infrastructure development, some of which is not complete. They know that if they did not vote for this government they might still remain with incomplete projects. We have a proper sellable product because of the deliverables. Here in Shiwang’andu we have already seen some of these nonentity competitors I had scampering already because they are seeing the hips in the trend of the votes.”

And Kampyongo said it would be difficult for the UPND to govern the country because they did not have the capacity.

“There has been high voter turnout not only in Shiwang’andu but also in other districts in Muchinga Province. The voter turnout is how much our people have started appreciating their role as citizens to participate in these very important national matters. I must say that the only thing that dampened our spirits is the death of our colleagues. So we had a good day and we have started seeing the hips of the votes that have been casting. The other behaviour I must condemn is this behaviour of suspected UPND cadres trying to chase every vehicle they see suspecting that they are carrying pre-marked ballots,” said Kampyongo.

“With the process that the Electoral Commission of Zambia has put in place, who would even dare or who would get pre-marked ballots? At 06:00 hours when the polling stations are opening all the agents are there and all the parties are represented. The boxes that come are empty and transparent. So where on earth would someone take the pre-marked ballots and who would think of that primitive way of wanting to take advantage of the process? So I do not know who really gives civil education to these UPND. And let me tell you this, the votes are being counted and it will be very difficult for these colleagues of ours to govern the country because they do not have what it takes to govern the nation. They do not have. They lack civility, they lack understanding of processes and they opt to just act like madmen.”