FORMER Secretary to the Cabinet Leslie Mbula says under the UPND government, the Judiciary should be allowed to operate without interference.

And Mbula has advised President-elect Hakainde Hichilema to condemn corruption at all times and allow the procurement systems to operate within the law.

In an interview, Mbula observed that there had been interference in the operation of the Judiciary.

“The Judiciary is supposed to operate professionally without any interference but there has been so much interference. The police must be allowed to function according to the law. Instructions can be given to investigate, not to arrest. It should be left to the police or investigative wings to carry out arrests if they feel there is enough evidence,” he said.

Mbula advised President-elect Hichilema to condemn corruption at all times and allow the procurement systems to operate within the law.

“President Hakainde should at every turn, at every opportunity, every speech that he makes, condemn corruption. He must spell out and say ‘I will not tolerate corruption irrespective of the level of the individual’ then he should follow it up by an example. Make an example of the junior and senior-most person who commits corrupt practices. When he does that, people will know that he means serious business. We have seen the many wrongs that have taken place and in my view these are lessons. He should never allow the procurement section to do things out of the law. He should also encourage those institutions that have been given authority to do work, to do it freely, professionally without interference, and this he has said he is going to do and we have no doubt that he is going to do it,” he said.

And Mbula said the election of Hichilema had liberated the Zambian people.

“If we had another five years under PF, you would have forgotten about this country, it would have gone to the ruins, worse than Zimbabwe. The people of Zambia have been very tolerant, they have suffered a lot. Too much of anything is dangerous and therefore they rebelled and voted overwhelmingly for one man they hope can bring relief to people. The election of Mr Hakainde Hichilema has brought happiness to the people of Zambia. I have interacted with a lot of people, all of them are saying they feel liberated,” said Mbula.

“I am happy for the country because it can now progress, socially and economically because there is leadership with a vision. Leadership that cares for the people of this country, leadership that will listen, leadership that is going to unite the people of Zambia. Also, a leadership that is going to destroy caderism because they are a very dangerous lot. My hopes are very high for the coming in of Mr Hichilema.”

Meanwhile, Mbula lamented that President Edgar Lungu, with the influence of foreign countries, grabbed Horizon School without compensation.