MATERO PF member of parliament Miles Sampa says the people who have been selected to lead PF in Parliament contributed, in one way or another, to the downfall of the party.

And Sampa says Michael Sata must be laughing hard wherever he is because the same people that they kicked out of government have now gotten PF kicked out of power.

In a Facebook post, Wednesday, Sampa argued that the nominated PF Central Committee’s decision to choose Brian Mundubile, Stephen Kampyongo and Joseph Malanji to represent the party in Parliament was like rewarding those that contributed to the sinking of the boat in the last five years.

“Not that I am interested in any position but here is who the nominated central Committee chose to represent us in Parliament. Opposition Leader in the House: Hon Brian Mundubile. Opposition Chief Whip: Hon Steven Kampyongo. Opposition Deputy Chief Whip: Joseph Malanji Lol. More like rewarding those that contributed in one way or another in the last 5 years to the sinking of the boat. They have now been brought forward by the un-elected MCCs to ensure the PaBwato become the Titanic and never to resurrect. Thereon statistics show they will defect to the ruling party,” Sampa said.

And in a separate post, Sampa said Sata must be laughing wherever he is.

“Hitherto was a ‘curse’ to have been close to the late Founding Father Michael Sata. We were treated as outcasts. Cadres sponsored and unleashed on us. I was abducted twice as they clapped in joy. Finally, a senior appointment albeit comes somewhat too late when relegated back to Opposition. Congratulations Hon Given Lubinda on your appointment as the PF Vice President. We were together in 2011 when we fought for the people to kick out MMD. The same people we kicked out have got PF kicked out. MCS must be laughing hard wherever he is. Whoever my post offends, please send Cadres to come abduct me again. I am home. Nipano tuli,” posted Sampa.

Meanwhile, Sampa warned anyone against disrespecting his wife.

“They questioned why my wife wore a maroon dress at the Inauguration where I was officially invited just as all national MP elects were. Where I come from, never mess around with any Man’s Women namely his Mother, his Wife and his Daughters. We respond by “any means necessary”,” wrote Sampa.

Efforts to get comments from Malanji, Kampyongo and Mundubile were not successful by press time as they were unreachable.