UPND Alliance chairperson Charles Milupi says it’s not the desire of alliance partners to ask President Hakainde Hichilema for which position to get as he has the mandate to choose who to appoint to various offices.

And UPND Alliance member Kelvin Bwalya Fube says he agrees with State Counsel John Sangwa on the need to amend the Constitution by addressing certain concerns raised by the people.

Meanwhile, UPND Alliance member Felix Mutati says in order for the new government to achieve its targeted goal of free education, it will have to address the economic challenges faced in the past.

Speaking during a media briefing, Thursday, Milupi said President Hichilema had a wide base from the party and the alliance from which he could choose his workforce.

“It is not the desire of the alliance partners to ask the President what position to get. The President has the mandate on whom to appoint to various positions. He has a wide base to choose the workforce from, from the party and alliance. As the alliance, we promise to do our best to address the concerns faced by the people,” he said.

Milupi said the UPND Alliance government was determined to clean up the mess that was created by the previous administration.

He added that individuals who were involved in corruption activities would be made to account for their actions through the due processes of the law.

“The last seven years of the previous administration was just about the worst, abuse of law and order. Grand corruption, theft of resources, exploitation and abuse of public office was the order of the day. Citizens, this came to an end that day when HH became the President. All those who were involved in the corruption will be made to account for their action through the legal due processes of the law. We as the UPND Alliance government, are determined to clean up the mess that was created by the previous government,” said Milupi.

“In addition, we would like to reiterate our message of peace and reconciliation. Ours is the government of laws and we will ensure that all arms of government work independently without interference. Those who break the law, the relevant arms of government will be allowed to carry out their work.”

And Fube agreed with Sangwa on the need to amend the Constitution.

“I totally agree with SC John Sangwa that there are certain aspects of our Constitution that need a bit of polishing up. You know, what we have been through as a nation must be a lesson to all of us and we must understand that certain things must be made clear. The numerous Constitutional Review Commissions have been very clear to what the Zambians have always wanted our Constitution to be and read like. Now, we have a Constitutional Court which interprets those laws. It will be up to this Parliament perhaps, to make things clear on what the Zambian people want. We don’t need other Constitutional Review Commissions because they just eat into money. We can have a very small technical team that can submit to Parliament the changes that are required. I think right now, the UPND Alliance has enough MPs to pass those little amendments which can clear up those technical issues which seem hanging. The only area is part three, which is the Bill of Rights but the other areas will only require a simple majority to be amended,” he said.

“So, I am sure SC Sangwa meant that and I am sure those areas will be looked into. If the previous regime did not want to enforce that law, this government will. This government will not be witch-hunting. Zambia is a free country and no one will just freeze your account if you are not suspected. Be assured,” he said.

Fube also said government was still doing some formalities before President Hichilema could move into State House.

“The government is still doing some formalities before the Head of State can move to State House. Remember, there is no current Minister of Works and Supply to provide for furniture for the Head of State to move into the new house. So, there is nothing sinister at all [about the delay in moving to State House],” Fube.

Meanwhile, Mutati noted that in order for the new government to achieve its targeted goal of free education in the country, it would have to address the economic challenges faced in the past.

“Free education is a targeted goal that should be achieved. To achieve this objective, the new government will have to address the economic challenges faced in the past. The formulation of the solutions must not be premised on borrowing solutions for real problems. So, it will be examined and see what is relevant in terms of achieving stability and goal of the economy. I am sure in his speech when he opens Parliament, there will be a direction in that regard,” said Mutati.

“Regarding debt, it is obvious that we have to engage the various lenders and the principle that must be arrived at is equal treatment. In order to achieve that, it will be important that we have constructive engagement with the IMF in order to secure ways on how we can restructure the debt. Restructuring alone will not help to solve the problem but, it has to be restructuring plus write-off. And I think that the goodwill which President Hichilema is enjoying more so, the lenders will be willing to come to the table to write off some portion of the debt. So, we will ride on this goodwill to create a sustainable debt for the people of Zambia.”