PRINCESS Choolwe Nkomeshya says her mother, Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II, has not written any letter to President Hakainde Hichilema demanding for specific people to serve in his government.

Commenting on a viral letter which suggested that Chieftainess Nkomeshya requested for certain individuals to serve in ministerial, permanent secretary and foreign service positions, Nkomeshya said the letter was not authentic.

“That thing is plain, there is no authenticity on it. If indeed it was from her Royal Highness, it has no headed paper, it has no date stamp and it is written that ‘her daughter being given a position in government’. We saw it on social media that her Royal Highness has demanded, demanded for what? All I can say is that it is not from her Royal Highness, if it was, it would have her signature. So people are bringing propaganda for whatever reason,” Princess Nkomeshya said.

She, however, said she would be happy if offered a job.

“But however, we are all looking forward to this new dawn and everybody is excited about the change that has happened. And all of us, including myself is looking for a job and if it was given in that capacity, I would be one of the happiest girls around town,” said Princess Nkomeshya.

In the said letter dated August 23, 2021, addressed to President Hichilema, it was requested that Former Attorney General Musa Mwenye be appointed as Minister of Justice, among other names.

The following are excerpts from the letter;

“REQUEST FOR POSSIBLE APPOINTMENTS TO SERVE IN YOUR ESTEEMED GOVERNMENT. In the first place I send you warm greetings your Excellency and the first family. My purpose for writing to you your Excellency. To seriously consider appointing some of my outstanding citizens in my chiefdom to serve in your esteemed government in various positions. Meanwhile, find herewith attached to this letter a list of people with positions against each name. I am confident that these people I am recommending if favorably considered will not disappoint you and your government in the execution of their duties,” read the letter.

“Musa Mwenye- Minister of Justice, Beatrice Kayuni- Lusaka Province Minister, Christopher Mikaya- District Commissioner for Kafue. Permanent secretaries; Dr H Chiboola, P. Muntantika, Martha Kayuni, Elijah Simabayi. Foreign Service; Mena Mulenga, Mwaliteta Joseph, Philip Mupango, Evaristo Kayaya. ECZ chairperson Mwangala Zalomise. Minister of Defence – Col David Bimbe.”