LUSAKA Province PF chairperson Kennedy Kamba says the party will be delighted if the UPND government delivers on its campaign promises because they will also benefit.

In an interview, Kamba said as an opposition party, PF was looking forward to the UPND government implementing most of their campaign promises.

He urged the new government to complete the projects left by the PF.

“We are going to be happy of course if they can deliver all the promises they promised the Zambian people. We are going to benefit as well. So it is our prayer that they implement most of the promises they made during the campaign period. Let them concentrate on uniting this country, let them concentrate especially on the economic sector of this country and creation of employment for the youths, teachers, UNZA graduates, CBU, Mulungushi University and other higher learning institutions, and that will be an achievement for the country. We are looking forward to that as the party in the opposition,” Kamba said.

“We have set the bar very high as the party which was in power in terms of infrastructure development. We can only wish the incoming government to pick up where we left and to make sure that those projects which are pending are completed. Above all, as the party we expect the ruling party and the government in power to unite this nation and to take development even where they are perceived in those areas they never get enough votes like we did as a party. We developed even in the places where we had no votes like in Southern province and Western Province. We built the most expensive road in the country, the Mongu-Kalabo road, which cost a lot of money for the previous government.”

And Kamba appealed to President Hakainde Hichilema to unite the country and ensure that all Zambians were treated equally.

“I believed that the party did a lot for this country. President Edgar Lungu to me, especially when it comes to infrastructure development and creation of employment, the agriculture sector making sure that this country even starts exporting the mealie meal and maize to the neighboring countries, I think we did extremely well. For me, I strongly believed we were going to win based on what we delivered to the Zambian people. Unfortunately, we lost the elections,” he said.

“We expect the incoming government of Hakainde Hichilema to continue and finish all the projects which were implemented by his excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, that is our plea. Above all it is to unite this country, the challenge they have, there are rumors that are circulating that the people in the civil service who were perceived to be pro PF or coming from the Northern part of this country are going to be prosecuted. What I can appeal to His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema is to unite this country and make sure that in all fairness, all Zambians are equal, ‘One Zambia, One Nation’. Promotion or firing of civil servants must be on merit, that’s all we can say.”

Meanwhile, Kamba said PF would be there to offer checks and balances to the new government.

“‘Political journey for the party is over’, how when we are having members of parliament? This is a multiparty democracy and we are not going to allow a one-party state. We will be there for the Zambian people to give checks and balances. The party is there to stay and we are happy that the leadership of the party has started the transition process, rebranding the party. We welcome the appointment of Given Lubinda and to us it is the rebranding of the party where we are going to reorganize the party for the benefit of the Zambian people and membership of the PF,” said Kamba.