PF NATIONAL Youth Chairman Antonio Mwanza says he is aware that some party members feel agitated and impatient.

And Mwanza says the Central Committee is working round the clock to ensure that they set a date for the general conference in order to choose a new party president.

In an interview, Mwanza said he was unaware about any internal wrangles but knew that some party officials were feeling agitated, which was expected.

He, however, said the party would complete some internal processes and give direction to the membership very soon.

“I have not heard about any internal wrangles. I am in the Central Committee and I am not aware of any internal wrangles. All I know is that our members, some of them feel agitated which is correct. There is nothing wrong with someone feeling agitated or impatient. It is correct and it is a normal emotion that we expect from our people. Our appeal is that we want to make our people know that the Central Committee is working round the clock to resolve all the internal processes and to ensure that a new president is elected. When the new president is elected in accordance with our party, we will now make the necessary appointments, combinations and so on,” Mwanza said.

“If there are people whose service is not needed, surely those people will pave way at an appropriate time. But for now, the Central Committee has the responsibility of providing leadership. There is a systematic way of doing these things so there is no need to rush. We need to do a good job. We are not to be emotional about what we are trying to do because emotions will not take us anywhere. It is logical analysis of the situation where we are in and a logical and honest reflection of where we want to go, that will help us. So there are no wrangles. We will be done with the processes very soon and we will give a clear direction to the party.”

And Mwanza said the Central Committee was working round the clock to set a date for the general conference in order to choose a new party president.

“The party constitution in Article 52 clearly stipulates that the president of the Patriotic Front must be elected at the General Conference. That is the constitution of party and it is a fact. So the Central Committee is carrying out a number of processes. We are doing postmortems, reviews and we have put in place a number of committees through to look at different internal processes. The whole focus is to look at what went wrong, what we need to do, the new role we will be playing and how do we rebrand to get back into office. That is the focus. So these processes are ongoing and a number of committees have been put in place to look at these processes. When we are done with these processes, the Central Committee will set a date for the election of the party president in accordance with the party constitution. So there are no delays,” he said.

Mwanza further said the party needed to use its analytical skills in order to be able to bounce back into power.

“What we are trying to do is to do a thorough job. You must understand that we are just coming from an election, an election where we lost power and therefore we need to apply our minds, not emotions. We need to make sure that we rebrand, refocus and bounce back to power. So the processes we are taking are devoid of emotions. We are using our analytical skills, our knowledge, wisdom and we are having an honest reflection of where we are and what we need to do to move forward. So we will appeal to our members to remain patient with the Central Committee as it continues to deal with these matters. We will continue to update our members on the way forward as far as rebranding and refocusing on winning the next election is concerned. So this process is devoid of emotions. We are using our analytical faculties,” said Mwanza.