UPND secretary general Batuke Imenda says it’s shameful for former president Edgar Lungu to ask the UPND to re-think their position on the One Zambia, One Nation motto when he divided the country during his time in office.

In an interview, Imenda said Lungu, who is also PF president, should keep quiet and concentrate on “what he knows best, socialising”.

“That is a complete contradiction on the part of Mr Lungu. If there is one person who divided this country, it is Lungu himself. You can see from his former cabinet which was skewed to one side. You can see that from the results of 2015, Zambia was divided into half. The results of 2016 are a clear pointer. Look at his permanent secretaries, skewed on one side and look at parastatals; they were also skewed one side. So today for the same man to come out and utter those words, it is a shame on his part. No wonder he has failed because he has no vision, according to his admission,” Imenda said.

“So let him see what has come out so far from the appointments made in the police force. Let him see what is coming out from the army and let him see what is coming out from ZAF and the National Service. Let him wait and see the cabinet coming out and that is when he will know that Hakainde Hichilema is a national President who likes to give Zambia national faith. So, as far as we are concerned, Mr Lungu must concentrate on his political retirement. He has failed and the Zambian people have already shown him the way. So let him keep quiet and do what he knows best, socialising.”

And Imenda said UPND had shown national unity through its appointments so far.

“As far as government is concerned, he has no vision and there was total darkness just like we have seen from his rule. To show that Zambians are united as the One Zambia, One Nation motto, you can see that we have been wronged but we are not doing like him who was threatening people before he even got voted against. He was threatening to arrest people. Is that what he calls One Zambia One Nation? The answer is no. It was divisive politics where people were living under fear,” he said.

“Today the Zambian people are coming out clearly that they have been liberated and that the UPND victory is being perceived by the Zambian people as the second liberation. This means that the people were in prison within their own country. Is that what he calls One Zambia, One Nation by making people live like prisoners in their own country? The answer is categorically no. The appointments are clear, we are getting indications from all corners of this country and they are very happy that we are giving Zambia the national faith. And as we are going to unfold our cabinet anytime, he will see what it means to bring a country together.”

On Sunday, Lungu called on government and President Hichilema to look into their belief of the One Zambia, One Nation motto “because certain regions feel ostracised”.

“It is for you to judge who means well. Because I heard remarks in Parliament like One Zambia, One Region and that is worrying. It is a political statement, One Zambia, One Region or One Zambia, One Nation. If we see what is going on, we are worried. Seriously speaking, I think they should do more about the One Zambia, One Nation motto to ensure that it is seen in the practical implementation of policy making decisions and also positioning of people. Right now I can tell you that there are people who are calling upon the government and the President to look again into his belief in the One Zambia, One Nation motto because certain regions feel already ostracised. And I agree with the sentiments which were raised by [Raphael] Nakacinda that they can do better. And again I do not want to talk politics, I am on my way to retirement please leave me alone,” said Lungu.