SHIWANG’ANDU PF member of parliament Stephen Kampyongo has encouraged his party members not to despair despite losing elections, but to continue with the dream left behind by Michael Sata.

And Kamfinsa member of parliament Christopher Kang’ombe says there is need to justify the abolishment of the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs.

Delivering his maiden speech in parliament, Tuesday, Kampyongo said being voted out of government could be a setback but that was what democracy was about.

“I want to urge the members of the Patriotic Front that we shall continue with the dream left behind by Michael Chilufya Sata. Losing an election in terms of government could be a setback but this is what democracy is. We should not despair because it is time to look forward and prepare ourselves and unite as members of the Patriotic Front. To the people in Shiwang’andu that we shall continue the prudent use of the constituency development fund,” Kampyongo said.

“You have seen us put up a number of projects in the critical sectors such as the education, health and indeed road sector. To the people of Shiwang’andu, my commitment is that I will ensure that we shall continue working together. Indeed you may be concerned that after you had cast your vote, you could be hearing us going to the courts again but that is part of the justice system but your votes are your votes and do not worry about what happens.”

And Kampyongo said the PF would not be antagonistic but would offer effective checks and balances.

“We take note that His Excellency did take note of the omission of getting his Ministers sworn in before this motion was moved to this August House. I hope we have learnt lessons from there and we want going forward this institution to perform its duties without fear or favour. Article 92 provides for the executive functions of the President but similarly, Article 94 also provides that this institution does its work where there is need for the approval of parliament in terms of executive functions of the President. We are going to make sure that we give you offside checks,” he said.

“We will not be antagonistic but we shall offer you effective checks and balances. We had issues on Friday which we could have raised but we decided that we needed to be progressive because some of the colleagues that were being sworn in today as a remedial measure by the speaker should have been sworn in before taking seats in this August House. We could have treated them as strangers in this August House on Friday. So learning from this madam Vice-President, it is important that we follow the procedures through and ensure that this institution is given the respect it deserves.”

Meanwhile, in his maiden speech, Kamfinsa MP Christopher Kang’ombe said there was need to justify the abolishment of the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs.

“My first observation is the many government Ministries that have to be realigned to ensure that the new Ministries perform their intended duties. I will be interested to get feedback on how soon the realignment process will be concluded. Obviously, with so many departments needing realignment, we do not want these Ministries to take forever before they begin performing their duties. Secondly when a Ministry is abolished or created, obviously there are reasons that are given. It will be necessary to amplify the reason for abolishing a very important Ministry called Chiefs and Traditional Affairs. The bigger majority of Zambia still remains under traditional leadership. So even as we support the creation of new Ministries we need justification for the abolishment of this very important Ministry,” said Kang’ombe.