FORMER Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa says he believes that he put in all his efforts in serving the people of Zambia.

In an interview, Mwansa said he had not been reporting for work since President Hakainde Hichilema was sworn in.

“For us, the moment another person assumes office as President, you immediately leave. So I have not been reporting for work since the 24th (of August) when the President was sworn in. The thing that I would appreciate is that I have served longer in that office, almost seven and half years. I was appointed by president (Michael) Sata, then I was allowed to continue by president (Edgar) Lungu. So that is something that ought to be appreciated in terms of service to the people and also to the appointing authorities. I want to believe that I put in all my efforts in serving the people of this country,” Mwansa said.

“As and when circumstances arise, and the new office bearers are willing to consult, I will definitely lend them an ear and listen to them so that I can advise to say that ‘look, this you can do it this way, this you can do it this way’. And I wish I had also done it in this manner and I think experience is the best teacher. I think over the years that I served in that office, I was able to say ‘well, I did that, this time around, I should be able to do this. So that I get the maximum results for the benefit of the Zambian people.”

Mwansa said whilst serving as Solicitor General, he believed in the cases which he handled.

“For our part as lawyers, you only come to know that you made a mistake the moment a matter goes to court and then the opinion that you held so highly is not accepted by the court. So at the end of the day, you will lose your case. But if you believe in something, if you hold an opinion and then you go to court and win a case, then it means you are doing a commendable job and it means you knew what you were doing. I think I did believe in the opinions that I held or the cases that I handled,” he said.

And commenting on former president Edgar Lungu’s controversial third term bid, Mwansa said they were on the right track.

“I did believe in that opinion, but I held my own opinion and other people held their own opinion. So when we went to court, the court sided with our opinion. Meaning we were on the right track,” said Mwansa.

On Monday, President Hichilema appointed Marshal Muchende as new Solicitor General.