UPND chairperson Stephen Katuka says PF should just keep quiet and avoid dictating how his party should run government because they committed a lot of crimes and atrocities.

Recently, PF secretary general Davies Mwila wondered why the UPND government had remained quiet on the Faith Musonda case, alleging that maybe the money she was caught with belongs to them.

But commenting on Mwila’s remarks in an interview, Katuka said the PF should “let the sleeping dogs lie” and allow UPND to work.

“Is it Davies to tell us to be talking or is it the PF to tell us to start talking now? It is our own decision; we want to run the party and government in the manner that we feel is good for us. So, they will not dictate to us how to run our party and government. Now that we are government, they should allow us to do what we want to do. The President said let lying dogs lie, so there is no need for somebody to continue talking to a dog which is lying, you push with your leg saying ‘talk’ it will bite you,” he said.

“So, we don’t want to be poked, they committed so many crimes and atrocities. Those guys made a lot of mess and they should just keep quiet. I don’t think it is for them to start talking about this and that, we have been quiet and accommodating them, they should give us the respect. If they won the elections, they would have killed all of us, we would have been dead by now, but God in his wisdom thought that he cannot allow these criminals to continue because they would have messed up the country. I have never seen a government that can spend taxpayers’ money to go and buy chemicals and go and gas its citizens.”

Katuka said the PF should be grateful to the UPND for not being vindictive.

“Instead of letting dogs lie, they want to start poking us, so we will end up biting them. They have stolen from government and we have proof that they have stolen but we have decided to look at them and let the law take its course. So, they should be grateful to us that we are not being vindictive. Instead of them pocking us, advise Mwila and his cronies to keep quiet. They should be the last people to talk about anything. It is because they have no shame that is why they are talking. Any normal thinking person, what PF did to this country they should be the last ones to talk. So please let them keep quiet and watch,” said Katuka.

“Let others comment and not PF because those should be the last ones to comment on governance or any other issue. Peace in this country has finally come, the rule of law has finally come to the country. People are moving freely because of this change that took place. People are enjoying their freedoms, you go on the streets, everyone is happy, please don’t let them provoke us to an extent that we are going to open the chapter where Davies Mwila is. Davies Mwila was in Luapula, he was warning his members that ‘if we lose this election we will be arrested’. Why was he saying that? He knew what he was doing as government.