FORMER Chipata Central PF member of parliament Moses Mawere says he decided to join UPND because they saw value in him after the former ruling party abandoned him.

And Mawere says he is willing to fund UPND the way he funded PF for more than 10 years.

In an interview, Mawere wondered why PF complained about him leaving the party when they did not see value in him.

“They (PF) left me in terms of adoption, I respected their decision. If I was bitter in any way, I would have gone independent but that was not the main reason why I joined politics. So I waited for them to do what they wanted and I am working with people that are willing to work with me. UPND has been a party which has embraced me from the time I was abandoned by PF. PF abandoned me, UPND came to me and said ‘we see value in you’ and they are appreciating my value. Right now, I am in Petauke campaigning heavily for UPND to ensure that we deliver because they are my brothers and sisters. The PF saw a bad person in me, UPND saw a good person in me, I don’t know why PF is complaining, they are all over social media. The person who did not have value, I don’t know where they have seen the value today. The leadership of PF are calling me, where you don’t see value, others see it,” he said.

“If UPND looked at me as a problematic person, I don’t think they would have accepted me. They accepted me because they know who I am. UPND is one government that wants to clean this country from bad deeds. If I was a bad person, I would have been going to court or investigative wings would have visited me once or twice. They haven’t visited me because I am always serving the people. I don’t have wrong hands to get what doesn’t belong to me.”

And Mawere said he was willing to fund UPND.

“I am a member of UPND. I shifted a long time ago. In life you move on, so we have moved on. My objective is to serve the people of Zambia. So I feel I can’t serve the Zambian people by being outside, you serve the people of Zambia when you are inside and where decisions are made. This time decisions are made by the UPND. I am an advocate and in my early career, I used to propose policies to the authorities then I decided to be part of the authorities. Now I can’t run away from the authorities. Now that the authority is UPND, I have to be part of the authority, I cannot be proposing from outside, that is not fair. I think what is important is, I funded PF for more than 10 years, so I am willing to fund UPND as well,” said Mawere.