LUNTE PF member of parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya says his party is not dead but just needs to get over the loss of elections and reorganize itself.

Commenting on President Hakainde Hichilema’s remarks that PF was a dead party and would never bounce back to power, Kafwaya said the former ruling party was still alive and only needed to reorganize itself and stay focused.

“Clearly PF is not dead. Convincing people is about projecting the vision that you have for the people and you do that over a period of time. As PF, we lost an election, we need to get over the loss and reorganize ourselves and begin to push. But in the process, work has to be done. In the political arena, people will say what they want to say to suit their own feelings, to suit the feelings of those that they want to please. As PF we just need to be focused. In that focus, the Zambians must not be forgotten. We have to ensure that all of our work is focused on the Zambian people,” Kafwaya said.

“You don’t have to wait for 2026 to recognize that PF is still alive. Honourable Situmbeko Musokotwane will be bringing the budget to Parliament for legislation, PF will be involved. So to claim that PF at the graveyard is something very difficult to understand. But you see, a President normally talks from an informed position but I know who could have informed the President for him to say that PF is at the graveyard. In Luapula Province, all members of parliament are PF, save for one who is an independent. In Muchinga Province, all MPs are PF. In Northern Province nine out of 13 are PF. Here in Lusaka, we have numerous MPs as well as the council chairmen.”

Kafwaya said only Zambians could decide whether PF would bounce back in 2026.

He said the PF only needed to continue building and showing that they were serious about being an alternative government.

“The game changer are the Zambians. A politician like myself, my job is to show the promise that I hold for the Zambians. This is what UPND did, they showed the promise to the Zambians and they preferred them over PF and all others. So it is not up to those who are talking. Those who are talking, are doing so the same way we were talking but the Zambians are listening, they will take the decision. The Zambians are the ones who will shock you, it is not us. For us, we just need to be careful about our visions and how we intend to implement that vision. And we have to explain to the Zambians how all that will be able to be done. And in the end, Zambians will take the decision that will either shock you or please you,” said Kafwaya.

“When the free education was promised and it can’t come, we must pronounce what is appropriate, what is attainable, what we should be able to offer as a promise different from free education or even offer the free education if we are able to deliver it. When jobs were promised to the youths, and it hasn’t been fulfilled, we should be able to demonstrate how we will be providing those jobs as PF and that should not wait until 2026. We have to keep on building and showing that we are serious about being an alternative government.”